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A very warm and hearty welcome to all my readers. Today I am going to discuss the best 10 teamviewer alternative for Remote Desktop Connection. It basically means connecting safely and securely to other devices and to your family and friends too even being at some far off location. Also managing various files, resolving any technical issues possible is being done. Ever thought of using any remote desktop software other than teamviewer. Teamviewer used to be the best one for this but because of it having so many hacking issues users have driven away from this. So many businesses and individuals too are wondering of its alternative that would be trustable and safe enough. There is a plethora of remote desktop software in the world but today we will talk about the best 10 alternatives to teamviewer with their specialty, using benefits, pricing to main businesses and everything possible to provide you with a great outlook upon which you can decide what would be appropriate for each of you to use.


Now below I am providing you guys a list of 10 best possible alternatives to use as your remote desktop connections.


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Windows remote desktop connection is one of the best teamviewer alternatives for remote connections. It is provided by the Microsoft Windows Operating System as a free built-in feature. To get access to this feature in your Windows the steps are: click on Control Panel<computer’s System Settings. It is really simple and easy to use and also an amazing gift for beginners. To direct it to your PC, the router of the remote PC needs to be routed to the port 3389. The platforms supportable for this connection are Windows and Mac OS X. Also, it is absolutely free.


  •  Built into Microsoft Windows.
  •  Provides complete access to control over a remote PC.
  •  Setting it up is extremely easy.
  •  Additional software installation is not required.


  • This tool is not capable of controlling multiple PC at a time.



Real VNC or Real Virtual Network Computing provides free and paid both versions. As compared to TeamViewer, its a bit complicated to set up but it’s also safer than TeamViewer in terms of hacking issues. It is built on the top of VNC framework which is an open source technology. It provides facilities such as encryption, chatting, file transfers, etc. The supportable platforms to use this tool are Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi, UNIX. Although its free for private use but charges $30/desktop for personal commercial use and $44/desktop for enterprise use.


  • Cross-platform remote control over individual and multiple PC’s both.
  • Secure and Reliable.


  • Network configuration is quite difficult for connection.
  • Not completely free.


IMAGESOURCE;octcm is an amazing tool developed by LogMeIn which provides a premium remote desktop service and helps companies to operate big and important meetings with people staying anywhere in the world. The perks it gives are recording, use as a mobile app, unlimited audios, 250 participants can join at a time and swap of the presenter is also provided so that each participant can share their own views on certain issues. It is used and trusted by hundreds of universities and Fortune 500 companies for remote functioning. Its free to use for basic VoIP but charges around $15/mo for pro plan and $19/mo for enterprise plans containing premium meetings and advanced management. And platform suitable to use this tool are Windows and Mac OS X.


  • The best collaboration tool.                    
  • Meetings can be scheduled on one click.


  • No con except it works on only two platforms.



The main performance of Splashtop is to setting up the tool on any Windows or Mac and accessing control over other remote Android and iOS-based cell phones. The facilities you can get from this tool are audio and video streaming and you can manage and transfer various files too. Its free to use for up to 5 computers to control remotely. Exceeding the limit of controlling devices charges very affordable price which makes it pretty effective to use. To give a specific figure its free for first 6 months of usage and after that, it is $1.99/mo for individual use and $60/year for businesses per user. Available on platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Mac OS X.


  • It is easily accessible.
  • Provides secured cross-platform support.


  • No con.

5. LogMeIn Pro.

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This is one of the best alternatives of TeamViewer for remote desktop connection even after its free version being discontinued. Through this tool you can perform functions like audio and video streaming, transferring files and access to them, you can share documents with collaborators and also print them by local printers. It is available on Windows and Mac OS X. It charges up to $99/yr for individual use providing access to 2 computers, $249/yr for small businesses with 5 computers and $449/yr with 10 computers to other big businesses.


  •  Provides some spectacular features which are not available in many other alternatives.
  • Documents can be printed easily.


  • It is not free to use at all.


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It is the second best teamviewer alternative in our list which is based on Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology. It provides a complete remote access to the desired desktop and you can also transfer files through this tool which helps in getting your work done easily by achieving a remote connection. Its available on Windows platform. it is really easy to set up and get control over remote devices and resolving issues of the connected people remotely.


  •  It is free of cost completely.
  • Connects in a fraction of minutes to function.


  • It’s only available on Windows.



This alternative is an extension of Google Chrome Browser which doesn’t even need any other software installation to perform remote desktop connections. You don’t even need to leave your web browser to control remotely. Google Remote Desktop application provides accessibility on every running operating system. To obtain required remote desktop connections it provides a very simple setup without costing anything.  


  • Completely secured to use.
  • Works on google chrome which is used worldwide.
  • Totally free tool.


  • No cons.

8. WebEx Free.


It gives an outlook that it just helps in conducting meetings but the truth is more than that. To share its capabilities video conferencing is the first and known thing but apart from that there are things like recording messages, the messages are secured through passwords, scheduling in Outlook, markup tools. It provides mobile apps too which are easy to use. The presenters can pass over the control of keyboard and mouse as per the need of any individual. Cisco’s WebEx is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to attain remote desktop control with an add-on of live interaction. It’s supported by platforms like LINUX, Windows, Mobile apps and Mac OS X. It’s free for 3 people to use, and charges $24/mo for 8 people, $49/mo for 25 and $89/mo for 100 people.


  •  Share files
  •  Face to face live chats.
  •  Appropriate cost structure


  • It limits the people to involve up to 100, so not appropriate for big scale businesses.

9. AMMYY Admin.

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This tool is very agile to use and consumes fewer data comparing to other alternatives which provide free access to remote desktop control. Functions like remote presentations, chatting, built in voice, file transfers are there. The supportable platform for AMMYY Admin is only Windows. It’s a widely used and preferred as one of the best teamviewer alternative. AMMY Admin comes under a 1 MB application which is really manageable to store and use. The starter, premium, and corporate licensed tools are costs as $33.90, $66.90, and $99.90 respectively and it is completely free for non-commercial purposes.


  • Easy setup.
  • Provides secure connections.


  • Only available on Windows.


teamviewer alternative
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It’s a pricey alternative but an amazing tool for business purposes. There is no requirement of any software installation being a browser-based tool. Various facilities are provided like remote desktop control, video conferencing, chatting, file transfer, sharing documents, swapping presenters, and much more. Platforms available to get this tool into functioning are  Any PC, Mac, Android mobile phones, IPads and iPhones, and LINUX. Its charges around $13/mo for 3 users, $19/mo for 25, $39 for 25 participants and unlimited hosts and $78/mo for 25 participants with 3 session channels.


  • Simplified use with an opening from the browser.
  • Provides multi-user whiteboard.
  • Cross-platform browser-based tool.


  • Heavy costing.


So, guys, this was all about the best TeamViewer alternatives from our side. What according to you is the best teamviewer alternative? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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