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Learning a new language isn’t easy. It takes years of practice to become comfortable and fluent in a language. But sometimes we need a faster way to connect with a language. Everyone loves traveling, exploring new places and meeting different people. The language problem is the most common problem that arises while communicating to different people.

So here in this post, we will be discussing some of best translation apps which can help you with the language issues.  Translation apps can come in handy when you are traveling or when you meet a special friend who has come from a place where they speak a different language.

Isn’t it amazing how, with just a few taps, you can eventually make somewhat meaningful conversations with almost anyone around the world?

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7 Best Translation Apps

1.) Google Translate

translator app
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Google Translate is one of the handiest apps ever to have on your smartphone. It translates web pages, phrases and words between English and over 100 other languages. It also lets you download specific languages for offline translation. Google Translate works very well with short phrases involving two to three words.

The best part of this app is that it has a great feature: Word Lens. Word Lens allows you to point the camera at a sign and then you can actually watch the app translating it in front of your eyes.

Translation apps
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2.) iTranslate

Translation apps
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iTranslate is an award winning app which supports more than 90 languages. It is one the most accurate, fastest and easiest application of its type.

It does support a feature in which you just have to speak a word and then the application will automatically translate it for you. Also, you don’t have to worry about the pronunciation of a word, the app will say it out loud for you.

Isn’t it awesome?

iTranslate also supports offline capabilities. The app is capable of sharing the translated phrase over e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and save all history and favorite searches so that you can access them offline.

3.) SayHi Translate

Translation apps
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SayHi Translate is another translation app which was specially designed to replace interpreters. Just talk to your device and the app will reproduce the translated words at an excellent quality.

SayHi Translate application supports more than 43 languages and claims 95% accuracy for voice recognition. The translation can be bi-directional, that is, translation can be done from the input language to the output one and vice – verse. Also, the app feature’s voice customization which allows you to choose between a male and a female voice when the application speaks.

Moreover, if the speaking is too fast for you, then the application allows you to change the speed of the voice by moving the slider left or right.

4.) WayGo

Translation apps

Do you study  Chinese, Japanese, Korean or do you face any hardships in understanding these 3 languages? If Yes, then WayGo is perfect for you.  WayGo instantly translates Chinese, Korean and Japanese characters to English with no data connection required.

The app also allows you to take a photo of something you don’t understand. Just switch on the camera, shoot and let the app translate it for you.

The only disadvantage of WayGo is that it only supports these 3 languages.

5.) Triplingo

Translation apps

Triplingo is another great translation app which is comprised of lots and lots of features. Its database offers around 26,000 phrases in 13 languages and instant voice translation in 19 of them.

Triplingo takes a deep approach by even translating the nuances of local customs, etiquette, and street slang. Moreover , it can instantly connect you with a live translator if you can’t get a phrase right. Triplingo also includes features such as offline dictionary , audio lessons , cultural information , tip calculator and currency calculator.

Also, the app has just started including image translation.

6.) Microsoft Translator

Translation apps

Need live translation when talking to someone abroad ? If Yes , then Microsoft Translator is perfect for you. It can translate any text or speech in real time.  The app recognizes speech in nine languages and written text in over 60 languages. You can also download languages for offline translation.

Moreover , even if you make a group call with people speaking in different languages then also you can hear out the answer in your’s.

Microsoft Translator is also available as a smartwatch app , for both Android and iOS , making it easily accessible for on go travellers.

7.) Papago

Translation apps

Papago is an app made in Korea that specializes in translation between Korea , English , Simplified Chinese and Japanese. The app can translate text , images , conversations and even voice translation to get real time results.

Papago will give you the best result than any other app for Korean translations.

8.) PONS

Translation apps


PONS is one of the best translation app for words. Basically , PONS is an online dictionary with translation functions. This app can give you in-depth description of words. A word can have several meanings ,  so PONS displays all the related options for that word.

The word park could mean ” car park ” or  ” field ” or any other word could appear. From all these words , you have to select the right word for translation and the PONS app will help you to figure this out. This will give you a better understanding of word in both the languages.

9.) Easy Language Translator

Translation apps

Easy Language translator is best known for it’s fast and simple interface. Generally , this app was designed for beginners. It has just two translation functions – speaking and typing- but the translation done is very fast.

The app has only few functions , but that’s what makes it so simple and easy to use. The default settings are user-friendly but you can customise it in your own way to make the app even better.

10.) Translate Voice

Translation apps
Source : AndroidPIT

Translate Voice is the best translation app for voice recognition than any other app available. You can say a word or read the entire paragraph and the app translates it side-by-side. Results can  vary according to your smartphone voice recognition capabilities.

This app is very useful when you are in a social situation where typing is impractical. Translate Voice has a limited number of usable functions. If you want a translation app with more functions then you can go for any other apps mentioned above.

Are Translation apps Worth it ?

Translation apps helps you a lot when you are travelling abroad . But the question is that can you rely on these translation apps ? OR Who will you choose between a Human Translator ( Interpreter) or Translation apps ? Let me tell you that the human will always do a better job. Translation apps are not 100% accurate. I suggest you not to use them to negotiate legal matters or business deals in a language you are unfamiliar with.

Translation apps are best used when you are a traveller and want to communicate with a person who speak a different language.



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