With the rapid fast growth in the technology industry, we are now approaching more upgraded and advanced technologies, and one of them is 5G. Multiple companies and organizations are planning to launch it in or near the 2019 mark. People are should now have a thorough knowledge of 5G, and here we share some very vital points which will give you an idea about what the 5G technology is all about.

People are very excited about the 5G technology, and why shouldn’t they be? When you have a little bit idea that the future will bring a network capable of giving you’re the exceptional speed of your dreams, everyone will probably love to have that system. It will come with new applications, more efficient end-user experience, and unique business and with a more consistent and enhanced network. 5G will be the newest and updated network, and it will be taking all liabilities of previous networks such as 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5th generation also comes with great prospects and experiments which we should never take for granted. Let’s have a look at brief details of some of them.


What is a 5G Network?

Basically, 5G is a set of wireless network technology in which there are some rules and requirements mentioned which needs to be followed to transfer the data. G stands for “generation,” and this is the 5th generation. Whenever there a new generation appears, it comes with new features and versatile qualities. 2G is now old and slow, which makes 5G the latest and fastest network in this era. Its unique features include lower latency rate and connectivity of multiple devices simultaneously.


7 Points you should know about 5G Network


1.) Usage of 5G

Being the fastest and latest cellular technology, 5G will be providing you with the speeds of your dreams. You will be able to download 4K movies in minutes and seconds. It will allow you to connect multiple networks to create a significant system through which users can perform their tasks efficiently at higher speeds. It will also help the Artificial Intelligence in making new and upgraded devices and gadgets at a faster pace than before.


2.) How 5G Works

5G will be able to send and receive data at a much faster speed than previous generations. Earlier generations have limitations and high latency rate related to bands and frequencies and won’t be able to send a huge amount of data at high speed. 5G will overcome all these limitations and will be able to transmit bulks of data at a speeds none of us has experienced previously.

To know more about how 5G Network works check this article by RF Page: How 5G Technology Works


3.) 5G Manufacturers

As it is going to be the fastest data transferring technology, there are many famous companies working on it.  AT &T, Verizon, Sprint and T – Mobile already in the process of making some kind of exciting devices related to 5G. Motorola and Oppo already announced that they will be the first one to provide the first ever 5G smartphone. One plus already completed its prototype of the 5G phone, and they are looking forward to launching it as soon as the 5G network arrives.


4.) 5G Availability

This scenario is entirely dependent on the providers and the companies which are working on the 5G technology. According to some theories, it will be available at the end of 2018, but most of the providers state that it would be launched in 2019. As long as there is no area coverage of the 5G network, there is no use of 5G devices. 5G will undoubtedly come at a hefty price and for those of you who can’t afford it can opt to choose other internet services but to make a decision of choosing out of several home internet providers can be a confusing one.

Opportunities & Challenges That Come With 5G Technology


5.) Higher Investments

Although there are a lot of benefits of 5G, it has not still been developed to the extent to be able to introduce to the general public. High-tech businesses are trying their best to present it as soon as they can. Rumours are they still testing and as it seems it would not be looming until 2019.

All things aside, 5G networks deployment will come with higher investment, and many industries are measuring what advantages would they have by investing in them. According to some reports, the estimated cost of a small network in a small city would be in between USD 6.8 million to USD 55.5 million.


6.)  Increase in Digital Divide

As you know the 5G network will come up with the burly pricing, perhaps it will only be available and Spread over in the urban areas. People in countryside areas will not be able to get delighted by 5G technology, and this will result in a significant digital divide. The network will be available to rural and suburban areas after some time, but in earlier years it will only be available in commercial areas.


7.) Balanced View

5G sure is the fastest network which can perform tasks at a fast pace, but as long as its high price factors remain, but some may not be able to pay for it when it is finally moved out. 5th generation operatives and providers will only focus on the areas in which there is a high request of 5G network. Most industries will try to enhance and improve the technology of 4G. 5G is expected to play a role in the growth of digital economies, enhancing citizens’ life experiences, creating new and unique business opportunities and improving economic growth. It is still too early to say that 5G is the real precedence of the economy. People will look for other options such as cable or satellite connection as the cellular connection is quite costly. Below mentioned are some of the top-notch internet services to fulfil your needs.


Best Internet Service Providers for 5G Network:


Home Internet Providers

5G Network Technology

Home Internet Providers is the number one platform where you can find the best and most affordable internet services. They are the authorized retailer of not one, but four of the top-notch internet service providers available in the USA.

Their proud partners include Comcast, AT &T, Charter Spectrum and Viasat. Their primary goal is to reduce the efforts of a common user to shop for an internet connection. You can find every type of connection at homeinternetproviders.com regardless of if it’s a cable connection or a satellite connection. You can get these services in bundles which could save you a lot of money. These bundles not only include high-speed internet connection but also offer HD cable TV programming and digital voice phone service. Users can compare all the services one place and select one of them according to their different features and facilities. You can place an online order at any time and get the delivery as well as installation service in an instant.


Charter Spectrum Internet


5G Network Technology

Charter Communications is one of the best telecommunications companies which provide services of high-speed internet, cable TV and digital voice phone service in the USA. They recently merged with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cables under the new brand name which is known as Spectrum. Charter Spectrum is well-known for all three of their services, but spectrum internet service is by far the best one.

Visit site: Charter Spectrum Internet


Chromecast Xfinity TV

Comcast Xfinity TV one usually known as X1 gives tremendous and exceptional services of TV including DVR service and On Demand choices with affordable prices. It offers more than 260 plus channels to get yourself entertained. These channels include lots of kid’s channels so your children will always have something interesting to watch and they will never get bored with it. Voice remote gives you the access of your TV on your voice commands. So get rid of the old method of controlling your cable TV activities with a TV remote and control it through vocal instructions. With X1, you can watch all your Netflix series without changing any inputs. It also offers an Xfinity Stream app which allows you to access your DVR library or all of your On Demand choices from your smartphone or tablet at anywhere at any time.

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Verizon Fios TV

Verizon Fios TV is one of best TV service you can get in these days. It offers more than 400 additional news, sports and entertainment channels. It has a limited time offer in which anyone can get a free chrome book or free $200 credit by getting the services of Fios TV before 25 July.

Verizon Fios TV has multiple numbers of packages for people of different tastes and traditions. Whether you are an adult who loves to watch Hollywood movies and drama series or a child who like to watch cartoons and anime, Fios TV covers everything in its services of cable TV.

With Fios TV app, you can access all of your TV services on your smartphone or tablet. You can watch live TV shows or stream videos; whatever you want to do it’s up to your choice. With DVR services you can catch all your Netflix shows at any time you want.

  • Custom packages for different people like the Spanish package, Traditional package, and Sports package
  • 2-year contract to ensure safe and reliable service
  • Movies and award-winning original series from SHOWTIME
  • Voice control service with Amazon Alexa for your Fios TV

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