best game recording software

Hello to all the readers across the world and welcome again to TECH GUIDE.  So guys in the world of internet gaming are the most interesting item to look on. We as an individual play many games and when we stuck somewhere in the game we go and check walkthroughs. Guys do you ever thought from where these You Tubers make walkthroughs which help us all. You sometimes might be thought to do all the stuff and enjoy, so this post s all for you guys. Today we will present you with BEST GAME RECORDING SOFTWARE which will help you to record whatever you playing or doing.

There is a number of recording software but we will try to provide you with the best game recording software. Let us start with them all.



best game recording software

SHADOWPLAY is the first software in our list. One of the best game recording software developed by NVIDIA which allows you to do the best quality game recording. Shadowplay is actually the best in the recording. It comes in two modes Shadow mode and manual mode which gives its users a variety. In shadow mode, last 20 minutes of your video is recorded and the last one deletes automatically and in manual mode, you can download unlimited length you just need to press the play and pause button. It also gives you feature to watch the video over twitch or save it on your PC. There is one condition to run SHADOWPLAY, that is you will need GeForce GXT 600. Shadowplay can also record videos over 4k resolution at 130 MBps. It is free of cost and it runs on Nvidia Geforce GPU.


best game recording software
IMAGE SOURCE: actionrecorder

Action is another one of the best game recorders which we will discuss. Action is a paid software and First Paid software which we will discuss today. This software is full of amazing features which all the gamers will love to record with. This also supports 4k resolution video recording along with this it gives you live audio commentary and also live streaming of games. In allows live streaming in Platforms like You Tube, Twitch, Hitbox etc, with this it also allows you to upload save videos on Facebook and Youtube directly by the help of it’s in built buttons. Action is compatible with Windows 7,8,10 along with this Action provides you Remote Access,  4k Video Recording and time switch. You can use action for free in its trial version for some time and after that $29.95 for home based use and $49.95 for commercial use.


best game recording sooftware

Bandicam is another paid game recording software which we will discuss next. Bandicam is a user-friendly software and it is good for first-time users. Next good thing about Bandicam is that it compresses 4k resolution videos in the best way and saves a lot of space, only one negative which I see in this software is that it doesn’t allow live streaming. THE recordings can be adjusted for gaming along with that size of windows can be adjusted. Bandicam offers a free trial for a limited period of time and $39 for 1 license and $59 for 2 licenses.


best game recording software

This is another software D3DGEAR which is actually very easy to set up and also very easy to use. D3DGEAR is very light weighted and also gives you a special feature of compressing recorded videos at their best as it does not consume large space. It also deals in real time compressing which means you can compress your videos in real time and if you are short of storage space still you can record it. You can do live streamings on TWITCH, YOUTUBE, HITBOX etc. Just like shadow play it also uses GPU acceleration to put pressure of GPU not on your PC. D3DGEAR is free for a limited period of time and it will cost you $34.95 use its full services.



best game recording software

OPEN BROADCASTER SOFTWARE is best recording software which offers you its services in free. It contains very clear user-friendly interface which comes with great customizations. It is very simple and efficient to use as it just requires to select video and start your recording. This also gives you full compatibility to record videos in MP4 and it is a very light application to use. So if you want to try game recording software for free then you should try this.



best game recording software
IMAGE SOURCE: techykeeday

XSPLIT GAMECASTER is a paid game recording software which comes with a special feature of cloud space.  Although XSplit provides both streaming and video recording to hard drive, but its features work best for streaming. It also makes recording and streaming quite an easy task with minimum interference. If I talk about live streaming, you can directly work it on Youtube. It is one of the best software as its customization is very easy to operate and it also provides you the best quality in recording. You can use its free version for a limited period of time and after that $4.95 per month for personal subscription and $8.95premiumemium subscription per month.


best game recording software

So, guys, this is the last game recording software which we will discuss today. Play claw is also a paid game recording software which allows you to work on a multi processor. It also allows you to audio capturing and encoding along with that good live streaming.  PLAYCLAW allows you to do live stream on YOU TUBE, HITBOX, BEAM.PRO and much more. Along with this it also gives you supported plugins to enjoy its services. PLAY CLAW will cost $39, to purchase you can order it.


So, guys, these are some best game recording software which we present for you. If you are reading this and you are a GBA fan then must check out 25 Best GBA Games and best GBA emulators to play on. I hope you would have liked this post and if you think any of the best software is missing then do comment us. Till then it’s goodbye from your side.



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