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Why Android emulators for Windows? This is the question that must have popped up in everybody’s mind upon reading the title which is 13 Best Android Emulators for Windows (2018). But no worries as we have got all the answers to your queries. First and foremost necessity of emulators is to run Android apps on Windows.

There are various tests performed using emulators on apps to be sure about bugs and other issues before publishing. The basic agenda of using emulators is to provide an excellent gaming experience to the players with the availability of mouse and keyboard. Other advantages include ease of access and user-friendly.

Emulators are also used to configure the hardware specifications and can set up RAM, SD card size, OS version, etc.based upon your own requirements. Android emulators are getting more popular as the android phones are being widely used. The uses and advantages of emulators other than mentioned above (the most important) can consist of an endless list.

Today we will cover the 13 best android emulator for windows to make sure you get the sufficient information on using the emulators for all of your different purposes. These are mentioned below inclusive of all the necessary points:

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1. BlueStacks

best android emulator
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Bluestacks is one of the highly preferred windows emulators. It allows you to run your applications and games at a very high pace and accuracy. Along with that Bluestacks allows you to download applications from Play Store. You can watch videos directly from Twitch through Bluestacks, which is quite impressive. The application is compatible with Android Television. Bluestacks can easily perform multitasking. Comes with a great user interface. Bluestacks was awarded best software award by CSE in 2012.

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Price: Free


2. ARChon

best android emulator
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ARChon runtime is usually used to run Android apps in Google Chrome. Though it is not really a gaming emulator, it helps in using other productivity apps on Chrome in a better way. You just need to install in on chrome, obtain and load APKs and run smoothly afterward. It is compatible with Linux, PC, and Mac. It is also completely free to get and use. The only problem is that it doesn’t support google play services.

It helps you run unlimited Android APKs created on Chrome OS. And can be used on any system supporting Chrome.  The default APKs are needed to be converted into chrome APK to make it compatible. It, pretty well, performs the job. There are different versions of ARChon available for all the users suiting their system versions.

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Price: Free

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3. Bliss

best android emulator
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Bliss is one of those android emulators that is suitable to use for people who have a likeability towards technology. It can get to use via USB installation or VM installation, though the latter is comparatively simple to use. This is an open source operating system through which you can download third-party applications in your system.

It has several options and out of the box themes to explore justifying its name. You can get issues to set it up but will work wonders for you after all is well set. It helps a lot by syncing your android to your computer system. It makes your work easier by focusing on one system and managing everything from a single platform be it be games, official work, etc.

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Price:  Free


4. Nox

best android emulator
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Nox is a very popular and widely used android emulator. It helps you use any app within Android’s whole catalog. The has great external configuration options. You get the customization options as well where you can customize various controls. These can be done very easily and simply. You can configure a keyboard to adapt any android game and various other options are also available.

It lets you enjoy all your android apps on a better and more comfortable platform which is your computer system. It has been proved to be a big help for the gamers. This is fully free to use as well. It lets you have all the fun you deserve by working fine on a great basis.

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Price: Free


5. Xamarin

best android emulator
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Xamarin is a very helpful emulator in our list of 15 best window emulators for Android (2018). It is one of the best in terms of stimulating, debugging, testing and running android apps. For hassle-free installation, you can drag APK files onto emulators. It is easy to download with a great and supportive user interface. It is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

The set up can take time at the initial stage but will run smoothly later on. It requires around 2GB of hard drive space and RAM each to make it work on your system.  It is an amazing tool to experience the functions of your Android on a different scale.

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Price: Free


6. Make Your Own

best android emulator
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You can create your own emulator as per your requirements. For that, you need to download and install VirtualBox. Then download the latest version of Android x86. Further, there is some sequence of steps that you can follow by going through any guidebook which you can get on the web. You can get what you want by making it on your own for yourself but it is tough to set it up.

A well knowledgeable person, decoder or hacker is desirable to make your own android emulator without any issues. Even if any problem arises, the person should be able to fix it. Some prior research like watching tutorials, reading the steps thoroughly will be of great help.

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Price: Free


7. Remix OS

best android emulator
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Remix OS Emulator is one of the newest emulator developed by JIDE for Windows. This particular emulator is very easy to download and use. It runs on MARSHMALLOW Android Version instead of KitKat or Lolipop. In simple words, it is one of the best and easy emulators to use and it is also very effective. It offers you the latest Android version so with this you don’t need to worry about Updated Android Versions. This Emulator does not support AMD CPU.

The handy user interface makes this more convenient to use. It is fully optimized for Android Gaming, gamers will love this Emulator for sure. Remix OS also allows you to play multiple games at one time, Regularly optimizer emulator. This emulator is free of cost just one click and installation will proceed.

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Price: Free


8. Ko Player

best android emulator
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Want solidity in Android gaming for PC? Then Ko Player is your answer. It is also very compatible with many games and apps. Google Play Store comes as a default in Ko Player which gives you an upper hand. Its feature to adjust resolutions gives you the upper hand while using YouTube or watching a movie on NetFlix. In terms of user interface and performance, this emulator is very handy. One problem user face in this emulator is that it is buggy.

Coming to its features, the recent update of Koplayer solves the problem of the homepage. The recent update comes with the more optimized homepage, “App Center” is added in the new update, the gaming experience is more enhanced now. Adding more to its feature, you can also share your gameplay, keyboard mapping and much more.

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Price: Free


9. Genymotion

best android emulator
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Genymotion is another phenomenal emulator for Android. Easy-to-use android emulator mainly developed for gaming and product testing. Before explaining Genymotion let me tell you that it runs on virtual box engine, so you need to first install it to your respective PC to enjoy the services of Genymotion. It is free but comes with paid options. The user interface is fairly handy and intuitive.

Talking about its features it is most suitable emulator if you have a powerful PC, helps you to create and test your Android applications, compatible with Android Studio, You can operate in both cloud or in your PC. Its paid version for the desktop will cost you around $132 per annum and its business variant will cost you around $412 per annum.

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Price: Free with the Paid option


10. Andy

best android emulator
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Andy is something that is free from complex set up process and very simple to use. This is also very easy to manage to control this emulator with the usage of the mouse by scrolling or swiping. It is absolutely compatible with almost all the games. This can be considered as an upgraded version of Bluestacks as it is an improved one. So, ideal for gaming.

It provides seamless sync between your Android and the system, with unlimited app workings. You can use your mobile as a joystick for playing games. It gives you unlimited storage. It runs perfectly fine in both Window and Mac.

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Price: Free with paid options



best android emulators
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AMIDuOS is an emulator which is considered to bring revolution due to its functionality, ease of performance, and pleasurable experience to the users. It is compatible with all the Windows versions and Mac as well. This also performs without any limitations, runs smooth, and looks really sleek. It runs almost all the Android applications. Along with this, it is very easy to install.

Its features basically focus on increasing productivity. It is very light on resources. This helps in testing applications to check on bugs. It is not really a gamer’s emulator but helps in testing very well and makes the Android experience of user quite simple and smooth.

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Price: Free


12. Leaproid

best android emulator
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Another emulator which helps you to run Android apps on your PC is Leapdroid, which we will discuss. Leapdroid is one of the coolest and smooth running Android emulator which helps its user to enjoy Android applications. gamers will enjoy this emulator because of its smooth functioning and attractive interface.

This is a reliable Android emulator which comes free of cost. You can easily customize resolution through Leapdroid, for better gaming experience Leapdroid supports sharp features built, drag and drop APK installation is also available, full-screen options are also available. Along with all these features Leapdroid is also known for its fast emulation and functionality.

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Price: Free


13. Android Studio Emulator

best android emulator

Android Studio Emulator is a Google-approved emulator for IDE of Android. This emulator helps developers to develop their own applications for Android and its tools are very easy to use. This emulator is not for the consumer stuff, but go great with developers. With a virtual emulator, code editor and code templates, it suits best for the developers. This application is free to download.

It is free and fast, for developers this emulator is a paradise. For consumer stuff going for Android Studio is a bit tricky and I would suggest you to not take Android Studio. This complete development suite comes with a good user interface and fast emulation.

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Price: Free


Wrapping Up!

So these are the best Android Emulator for Windows which could take your PC gaming and Android application development to next level. This is our list of the best android emulator, if you had such list then do tell us through a comment section and share the post so that your friends could also get to know the best android emulators. We will be back with some more tech things till then stay tuned with us.



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