best browsers for mac

Are you satisfied with your browser? Does your browser have full security and privacy settings, parental control etc? Does your browser store your data? Is it the fastest one? Are you using the perfect browser? There are many questions like that. There are many web browsers available in today’s time but which is really the best for your Mac?

In this article, I will tell you about the Top 5 Best Browsers For Mac. You might be knowing them or may have used them.

First, you need to know what features are must in a browser for being perfect?

  • The browser must contain full security settings So that it can protect you from malicious sites which may harm your device.
  • It should contain at least a private surfing mode – ‘Incognito Mode‘.
  • It should be fast, flexible & easy to use. It should contain a variety of extensions which make your daily work more easier.
  • If your browser hides your IP from third party sites, then its the best one in terms of secure browsing.

Moreover, it depends upon your browsing habits also. Here is the list of some browsers which might not be perfect but really nice for use.



best browsers for mac

Safari is one of the most secure browsers for Mac devices. Since 2004 it has been the default browser of Mac machines. The browser is based on WebKit Engine. The Nitro JavaScript Engine of the browser distinguishes it from other browsers and makes it the best as it is quite faster than other browsers like Opera or Firefox. It comes with a smart address field & speculative loading and also has some built-in features which make it useful for sharing emails, WebPages etc.

Safari doesn’t make use of cookies to show you relevant ads unlike Google, which keeps a note of your browsing history for showing you ads.

Safari also contains several useful extensions & Safari reader which provides you with distraction-free reading experience. But the no of available extensions is quite less than Google Chrome browser. There is also an installation of pinned tabs which makes your browsing, even more, easier by adding useful sites at the left of tab listing.

Safari is basically made for Apple Devices and is totally compatible with all its features. It is the strong candidate to be the best browser for Mac devices because of it’s fastest browsing & wonderful features.


Google Chrome

best browsers for Mac

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers of 2018. You can say that it is possible because it comes as a default browser in most of the devices or it’s really the best one? Yes, Chrome is one of the best browsers. It is quite flexible & easy to use. It has a great number of extensions.

But the major pitfall is that it really kills your battery, it also stores your browsing history or cache to show you relevant advertisements. It is an open-source browser. It gives you a detailed web page analysis. The Chrome Browser can be a great choice.


best browsers for Mac

Maxthon Browser offers you a quite smooth & flexible browsing experience. It is all about cloud browsing, it is a cross-platform browser, it also allows you to transfer your data like text, images etc from one device to other very easily. It’s like cloud sharing. It comes with a variety of gestures which makes your daily browsing even more easier. It also has a unique drag & drops support.

The number of extensions available in this browser is not comparable to the Google Chrome but still, it has a good amount of extensions. It also gives you built-in Flash support & does not even drain your battery much unlike Chrome browser.



best browsers for mac

You can also use Opera Browser for your Mac device as it is one of the good browser available in today’s time. Likewise Chrome, it is based on open source Chromium project. For Mac, the browser is developed as a freeware by Opera Software. The browser is available in around 42 languages. It makes use of Blink as a layout engine.

One of the most important features of the browser is its pop up blocking feature. It also includes some good features like private browsing, a bookmarks bar, tabbed browsing & a downloading manager etc. It also allows you to download pages & to show them in thumbnails with ease. If you want to reduce the loading time then you can make use of its turbo mode which compresses the web pages, so your browsing experience becomes even faster. It also protects you from some sites known for malware & phishing. It has also now added themes, now you can change the background images of different tabs. All these features make Opera one of the best browser for Mac devices.



best browsers for mac

You might have heard about this browser, it is a new browser launched, with a first major release in the year 2016. The browser is quite similar to Google Chrome as it uses same HTML rendering engine with built-in Adobe flash plug-ins. You can even use all the extensions of Google Chrome. It is one of the most featured browsers. It also includes the unique tab system feature. If you will hover the mouse cursor over any tab, you will see the thumbnail preview of the content of that web page.

You can also create notes about any site. The side panel can also be expanded to show downloads & bookmarks. You can also visit social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook in the sidebar. It also has a great power usage, you might experience low battery often.



There are many alternative browsers available which you can use in your Mac device like Mozilla Firefox, Torch Browser, OmniWeb, SeaMonkey etc. You can use any of the unlisted browsers which you find most suitable according to your needs. You can go with the default Safari browser or even with the most used browser, Google Chrome.

Now, I want to hear from you. Which browser do you use for your Mac device? Do tell us by leaving a quick comment.

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