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The Internet has been at its best in fulfilling all our queries and ensuring that our best time is well utilized away from boredom. Gaming has been added as an important aspect to this. The Internet is an open web and each one of us have access to it in today’s time. But what is essential at present is to get it in a righteous way.

You might not be aware of it but there are certain offline gaming applications which could save you from boredom. Today we discuss best games without wifi because children can enter into certain online gaming applications unknowingly which are a home to viruses and spams and can damage your device.

Offline gaming provides you with safety. Also, not all locations do not hold a good internet strength and to avoid buffering it is better to keep the application downloaded beforehand.

Gaming is not just for kids as gaming is the involvement of components like memory enhancement, Fast decisions, fresh mind, joy and much more. So without any further delays, let us discuss best games without wifi, 2g,3g,4g or any internet connectivity.

1.) Subway Surfers



Help your characters to escape the fat inspector and his dog. One of the simplest games to play with one applicable rule only DASH QUICKLY AS YOU CAN! A universal app with awesome game-play and simple to use.

Subway surfer is one of the most loved offline game because of its super cool characters, Skates, World tour and much more.  This application by kilo and sybo also contain HD optimized graphics which made its interface more interesting.

Some more value adding for this game is daily bonus and mystery boxes. Your character also provided with some special powers to help him along the surfing. The game is free to download.



2.) Temple Run 2

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Ever thought of saving yourself from a creature much bigger then you protecting the village? Yes, then temple run is one of your dream games.

Save your player from the bigger monkey who is protecting the temple, Save your player from CUTS, RIVERS, MINES etc and play as long as you can. Temple run is a redefining mobile app (game). Regular new updates always make Temple run better from last.

Temple run 2, one of the most popular games in the world. The game consists of  Easy game-play, Good graphics, Regular new characters and much more made Temple run 2 better and more improved game than Temple Run.

If I talk about controls they are very easy, just swipe right and left to control your player and swipe your finger to protect your character from cuts, rivers and much more.  This application is fully free and very easy to download.

Download Link: Temple Run 2


3.)Dr. Driving

best games without wifi
       SOURCE: google play

The best car simulator offline application. Dr. Driving consists of some really difficult levels which will make you feel more likely to play the game if you love challenges.

Its all about improving your driving skills by playing different levels and create your high score by completing those levels and brag with your friends. A very wonderful and easy to play the game with decent quality graphics and different playing modes. This offline application is free to download.



4.) Score Hero.

  IMAGE SOURCE: Google Play

If you are a football fan then you would definitely love this offline football based game. Make your carrier by completing different levels. Till now the game has more than 580 levels and still more to come. Score goals for your football team and create history by achieving trophies and claiming awards.

Score hero is simple to play but difficult to master the skills to complete levels at consistent success rate. As the game progresses levels begin to get tougher and tougher. As you progress you can also sign your player with other football clubs as well.

It also allows you to play for your national team and represent it in football world cup. This game got good graphics with great interface and gameplay. This offline application by First Touch Games Ltd. is free to purchase. Love challenges of the footballing world then try this out.



5.) Angry Birds 2


If you think you can aim perfectly then Angry birds 2 is made for you. Use different Angry birds characters and save your eggs by aiming and defeating pigs. If you are new to angry bird then I must tell you that in this part you can experience the fun play and iconic characters which Angry Birds offer you.

You can choose your bird to attack pic castle. Angry Bird 2 also consists of multi-stage levels and Daily challenges which could boost up your bird level quickly. You can also connect with your social profiles and can show your aiming skills to your friends by beating their scores.

Angry birds 2 has a lot to offer to its gamers as they came up with regular updates, which made the game more lovable. This offline application is also free to download.

Download Link: Angry Birds 2.

The End!

These are some of the most splendid offline gaming applications which could make your day good to great. You must have played some of them If yes then do share your reviews about the game and if you are new to these games then do share after playing them.

In case we miss some good offline games and you know some then do share with us so that we can discuss them as well. For more updates do subscribe to the website. Till then I leave you with these best games without wifi.

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