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We are all familiar with GBA (Game Boy Advance) as they are our one of the best childhood memories. Nowadays finding GBA consoles are a bit of a difficult task. But in days of modern technology and the world of mobile phones, it is a bit easy to play those old school games in your smartphones.

Older consoles are an endearing and memorable part of our childhood memories. From GBA (Game Boy Advance) to play stations, there are lots of iconic games, some are played even till now. So today we will try to recreate your GBA memories by enlightening you with some of the best GBA emulators for Android.

GBA Android emulators will help you out to play GBA games on your smartphones. We will tell you both paid and unpaid emulators along with their features. Read till below to know some exited and astonishing GBA emulators.

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1.) John GBC Lite

best gba emulator for android
Image Source: YouTube

John GBC Lite is a free version of GBA emulator which also allows you to play GameBoy Color games in your Android phones.  It does not come up with any game instead it allows you to play games stored in your phone’s memory card which is also quite easy to operate.

John GBC Lite comes with original Game Boy Color engine. Along with that, it supports cheat codes, Turbo Buttons, Virtual On-screen Keypad, Dropbox support and much more. You can also adjust your speed and can also customize keys.

You will get some of the astonishing features on John GBA Lite at no price. Perfect for playing old school games like the Super Mario, Final Fantasy series etc.

This lite version of John GBC includes advertisements which is the only pain in this emulator. For removal of the ads, you need to purchase the paid version of John GBA.

Price: Free

Download Now: John GBC Lite


2.) My OldBoy!- GBC Emulator

best gba emulators for android
Image Source: YouTube

Published by Fast Emulator My OldBoy! is another emulator best suited for playing Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on your smartphones. In this emulator no games are included, you need to download them but you can access the games stored on your smartphones easily through My OldBoy.

My OldBoy contains the staggering user interface and game control. In addition, you can play your game in High- Graphics through this emulator besides this you can save your game progress, Powerful screen layout editor, Video Filters and much more.

Some special features like link cable, rumble, and tilt sensor are also supported in the My OldBoy emulator which is worth your money. Its free version is also available but we prefer you for the paid version because of its interface, speed and much more. If you want to download its free version click here. In the free version, you will not be able to use multiple cheat codes, saving progress at any time.

Price: $3.2 USD

Download Now: My OldBoy!

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3.) VinaBoy Advance – GBA Emulator

gba emulator
Image Source: Google Play

VinaBoy Advance is a free emulator for Game boy advance. This particular emulator uses libretto development interference for its proper functioning. This open source emulator is free and free of advertisement. Published by NIKIDO Games is one of the most suitable emulators for Android users.

VinaBoy Advance supports autosave of your game, comes with a handy interface, claims to be the easiest emulator to use. You can simply alter sounds via settings. You can also speed up your gameplay by just hitting a single button and this emulator also supports cheat codes.

This emulator does not come with games, but you can download and play easily. This emulator is designed which helps you to quickly find and load the ROM inside the app (the format must be in .gba, .gbc., .sgb., .zip, .7z, .rar).

Price: Free

Download Now: VinaBoy Advance


4.) My Boy! – GBA Emulator

best gba emulator for android
Image Source: YouTube

My Boy! is a paid GBA emulator for the Android platform which is developed by Fast Emulator. This emulator works on almost all Android smartphones from low budget android phones to modern tablets which is unique in itself. By far, it is the only emulator which supports link cable and also provides good speed.

Comes with a staggering interface and also very easy to use and understand. In terms of game compatibility, it is very fast, that’s why it is easy to play any GBA game without any problem. GLSL shaders are also supported in this emulator which provide you with some cool video filters. You can save your game progress. MOGA controllers are also supported which means this emulator is external controller supported. It can sync games with Google Drive. OpenGL rendering backend is also available and much more is there to offer.

My Boy! do not come with games, you need to install them and then you can play. Along with this Game Boy Color games cannot be played in this version. There is also a free version available for My Boy, you can click here to download its free version.  The free version is a bit irritating because it contains an assortment of ads, autosaves are not available and much more. So I would suggest going for the paid one for smooth gaming.

Price: $4.47 USD

Download Now: My Boy! – GBA Emulator


5.) John GBA- GBA Emulator

gba emulator
Image Source: Google Play

Published by John Emulators, John GBA is the next emulator we will discuss. A user needs to require an Android version 2.3+, RAM 1 GB, 1.0GHz Dual-Core processor as suggested by the application publishers.

This emulator is a paid one which comes with Original GBA engine, Cheat Codes, Virtual on-screen keypad, Available with Turbo Buttons, high-quality rendering, Supports Zip Files and much more. The best thing is that it comes without Ads.

In this emulator, also, you need to download games by yourself. This is a paid emulator but you can also download its free version which by the name of John GBA Lite by clicking here. The free version is filled with ads other than that features are same.

Price: $0.84 USD

Download Now: John GBA


6.) MyGBA- Gameboid Emulator

best gba emulators for android
Image Source: Google Play

MyGBA emulator is the next best GBA emulator for Android. This particular emulator is basically a modified version of Open Source Project Gameboid. This version is a free version and it does not come with ROMS. This emulator is licensed by GNU GPL v3.

Fast forwarding, Controller support, Cheat Code Support is available on MyGBA Emulator. Some modifications are also done in the latest version, which includes adding button A, button B, edit the D-Pad controller and much more. It is one of the simplest emulators to use that comes with a handy interface.

This emulator is successful in running most of the GBA games without any problem. One of the drawbacks of this emulator is that you need to look at yourself for your own Gameboy Advance BIOS. This emulator is a free emulator.

Download now: GameBoid 


7.) Nostalgia.GBC Pro ( GBC Emulator)

best gba emulators for android
Image Source; Android Authority

Last but not the least, Nostalgia.GBA Pro is the emulator which would be best suited for your Android to play Classic Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games. The version which we will discuss is a paid version of Nostalgia. GBC. This is an ad-free version which allows you to enjoy classic games.

One of the best user interface with some modern outlook. This emulator had some great features like high game compatibility, turbo buttons, on-screen controls, hardware keyboard, and much more. Along with this, you will be benefitted through Hardware Keyboard Support, Zip Files Support, Supports HID Bluetooth gamepads.

This is the paid version as told earlier but you can also use its free version as a demo. Click here to download its lite version. No games are included in the lite version as said by the publisher itself. You will also face lots of ads in the free version.

Price: $1.25 USD

Download Now: Nostalgia. GBC


Wrapping Up!

These are some of the best paid and unpaid GBA/ GBC emulators for your Android. All the above emulators got some great reviews from its users. If you know some more emulators then do tell us, we are always open to your suggestions and valuable comments. We will be back with some more interesting data for you all, stay tuned. Till then its goodbye from our side.

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