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Video Games! Something which reminds you of your childhood memories and also the best time you spend playing those old school games in Game Boy Advance. Today we have tried to recreate your memories by presenting you with 25 best GBA games available in the market out there for you all .

The story of GBA has been unpredictable for what the upcoming generations have seen today. The GBA has platforms SNES and classic games ported from various 8-bit and 16-bit system’s backward compatibility with all earlier game boy titles.

Also with some add-ons for the GBA have been launched like wireless adapter, play-yan, E-reader and much more. To know more about the best GBA games following the lineages come forward to know some best GBA games in the market present for you. Now you don’t need to scroll other websites and read long list for the best GBA games as we have re-created the list here.


1. Advance Wars

best gba games
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Released back on September 2001, Advance Wars is one of the best games for Game Boy Advance. Advance Wars is a strategical game in simple words it is time-based tactic game. It can either be played as a single player or as a multiplayer.

The storyline involves Orange star Army’s efforts in battling the other countries Armies, where orange star Commanding Officer Andy is accused of attacking the other countries’ troops for no reason. The game was released to critical acclaim and has been listed among greatest video game of all time.

It is the first game in the Advance war series of video games, followed by Adventure war 2, Blackhole rising, dual strike. So get into the past, the history of the battlefield with many interesting effects making it seems an original war situation.


2.) Mario Golf Advance Tour

best gba games
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Popularly knows by Mario Golf in Japan, is a remarkable role-playing video game by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance in 2004.  Mario is available in both single and multiplayer modes.

In this following game, you will come across an overworld map, where the player can walk around and interact with different courses and objects. In this overworld, there are four golfing clubs that are Marion, Palms, Dunes, Links which handle tournaments. The player place in tournaments to prove themselves to be an “Ultimate Golfer”.

At a startup, the player chooses between one of the two characters, Niel or Ella, and plays as that protagonist as their doubles partner while Ella has more precise hitting and a slight fade. Something of much interest is that Mario Golf: Advance Tour features four multiplayer modes.

It is simple to choose amongst a player from their own list of characters and clubs, but courses must be mutually unblocked. As the player proceeds to the next level, they gain stat points to improve their abilities.


3.) Donkey Kong

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The gossip regarding Nintendo games was on the go for a long time. Let’s know another game that has sparks behind. Here we introduce you to an ape-like protagonist called Donkey Kong. It is the eighth- longest running video game franchise, released on July 9, 1981.

This Donkey Kong character is highly professional and recognizable. Donkey Kong first made his appearance in 1981 as an Arcade game in which he faced our favorite character, Mario.

Donkey Kong was Mario’s debut, only when he was called as “Jumpman”. Many stories lead the way for Donkey kong to get its name. Miyamoto has said that kong means Gorilla. This made him finalize for the word Kong.

Originally, Donkey Kong was an escaped pet, not a villain. It helped in making an unprecedented success. The game earned company another  $100 million the following year and remained Nintendos top seller until summer of 1983.


4.) Final Fantasy V

best gba games
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Released on 6th December 1992 Final Fantasy V is a medieval-fantasy role-playing video game. It is developed and published by Square in 1992 as a part of the Final Fantasy series. This game has first appeared only in Japan on Nintendo’s Super Famicom.

This game begins as the wanderer named Bartz is investigating a fallen meteor. As the game progresses he also faces many characters. Players love this game because they can independently customize their characters. The game features five main characters and they are Bartz Klauser, Lenna Charlotte, Tycoon, Galuf Doe, Faris Scherwiz

The game includes many role-playing elements and also many renovated features. This series of final fantasy works on ATB ( Active Time Battle) system.  ATB means the player has certain time limit fighting against each other. One of the main systems of Final Fantasy V is the Job System. Players are free to select any job to master their characters in different areas.



best gba games
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Alladin was released on November 1993, is a Side-Scrolling game. Other than Game Boy Advance you can also play this game on SNES as a platform. This action game is based on single-player mode only.

In this game, the player controls the main character Aladdin through several stages to reach the city of Agrabah to save Princess Jasmine. On your way you can earn an extra life by collecting gems, at every stage, there are at least 10 red gems to help you out.

The game consists of 7 stages in which you need to defeat the boss on stages 1,6 and 7. You will be challenged by various difficult obstacles while escaping Cave Of Wonders. Basically, Cave Of Carpet is a stage where you can ride magical carpet with Princess Jasmine. Rides with princess Jasmine consist of bonus stages which you can play on levels 5 and 6. Finish all the stages to complete the game.


6.) Super Mario World

best gba games
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This side-scrolling platform game was released back on 21st November 1990 by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy Advance. Super Mario is so successful that it marked as 5th best selling fame of GBA.

You will find the similar gameplay as every Mario had. You can control Mario or his brother Luigi in different levels. Mario World is available in both Single and Multiplayer modes. In particular levels, your main aim is to reach the flagpole in the end.

To help you out in your journey to save dragon world you can earn power-ups such as Super Mushroom and Fire Flower. But in Mario World, there are some new power-ups are added like Cape Feather, which helps Mario to fly. Although the main objective of Mario World is to navigate your character through seven worlds.

Along with that Yoshi is there for your help. Yoshi is a dragon which can eat much of the enemies and helping out Mario in the way. So help out Mario and enjoy the game.


7.) Wario Land 4

best gba games
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A Platform Video Game Wario Land 4 was developed by Nintendo for Game Boy Advance in 2001. Wario Land 4 is available for GBA and Virtual Console. Along with that, this version of Wario Land offers 2d Graphics feature with a linear transformation.

The gameplay is very simple in which you only need to take your character through four treasures to unlock a pyramid and to save Shokora (Princess) from Golden Diva. The four treasures are Emerald Passage which is themed on nature, The Topaz passage which is themed around toys, The Ruby passage is based on Technology and mechanics and last but not the least The Sapphire Passage is based on danger and horror. If you able to clear all the levels then the Final passage arrives ” Golden Pyramid”.

Along with that, there is a very interesting storyline and graphics of this game. So complete all the levels and save your princess from the evil hands.


8.) Metroid Fusion

best gba games
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This game is based on action and adventure which was published by Nintendo only for Game Boy Advance and Metal Fusion is the fourth verse of Metroid Series. The game was released back on November 18, 2002, and it is only available in single- player mode.

The player you control is Samus Aran. This game revolves around solving puzzles to know the secrets. This series of Metal involves a new feature like Navigation Room, which will help you to reach places. The gameplay also involves shooting enemies, power-ups that allow your character to reach new areas.

Adding to I want to further inform you that for gaining health of your player you can consume X Parasites and you can also consume Core-X which will be awarded to you after each successful level. Core-X will provide you power-ups or you can obtain power-ups from Data Rooms. Enjoy playing this action-packed game.


9.) Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

best gba games
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Now we are going to discuss one of the best side-scrolling platform type video game and that is Castlevania: Aria of sorrow. The game was published by Konami. This game is only available for Game Boy Advance, which released on 6th May 2003 in North America and in Japan it was released on 8th May 2003.

Castlevania is available in single player mode only and this particular video game considered to be the best games in the Castlevania series. Castlevania begins in Japan when Soma Cruz which is the primary playable character of Aria of Sorrow who possesses the “Power of Dominance”. Soma Cruz lives near Hakuba shrine and she is a transfer student.


10.) James Bond 007: Nightfire

best gba games
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James Bond 007: NightFire featuring the character of a secret agent of Britain James Bond, published by well known Electronic Arts in 2002. This game is a first-person shooter video game developed for platforms like GBA, PlayStation 2, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Xbox.

The gameplay of this particular game is easy. Firstly I want to enlight you from a fact that gameplay for this game is different in PC and different in console versions. In the PC version there is less number of missions compared to the console version and along with that, there is no driving mode applicable in the PC version. The GBA version resembles PC version more than the console version.

Secondly, Storyline and characters remain the same in all the versions. If we talk about GBA gameplay the game begins at the plot right to Raphael Drake’s Austrian castle. But in the Console version, you will face a French mission first. In the multiplayer mode, you can play in many different levels which include Fort Knox and Goldfinger also. Next, you will come to know when you will play the game to play it fast and help NO 1 agent to reach his glory.



best gba games
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Pac-Man World developed in 1990, a platform video game for Game Boy Advance and PlayStation.  Iw was released to coincide with the 20th anniversary, bringing in the protagonist Pac-Man going to a birthday party. It is a single player game. The GBA version was released on 2004 with this Pac-Man world 2 (2002) and Pac-Man world 3 (2005) are followed simultaneously.

Pac-Man World is a platform game starring Pac-Man roaming in a three-dimensional world on a “Ghost Island”. He was saving some of his friends like Ms.Pac-Man. The Pac-Man World itself a baggage of surprises.

The game was going to be released on the Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and PC, but these versions were cancelled. Critics believed that Pc-Man is much similar to Super Mario Bros and will beat it off but Super Mario Bros continued to have its stand. So enjoy and enter the trap of adventure and enjoy Pac-Man.



best gba games
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Mortal Combat: Deadly Alliance is a fighting game which comes in various platforms other than GBA like Xbox, GameCube, PlayStation 2. If we talk about Mortal Combat series then this one is the fifth main game in the mortal combat series.

Developed and produced by midway games, this series of mortal combat is the most loved series because of its gameplay and attractive characters. This series is different from the other four because for the first time Fighter Character possesses with three different fighting styles.

Every character in this had the same fighting style with unique finishing moves. This version also introduces Konquest mode which raises the bar of excitement.


13.) F1 2002

best gba games
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F1 2002 is purely game based on racing. This game was released by Electronic Arts back in 2002, was also the second last Formula Game before losing the official license to the Sony Computer Entertainment. F1 2002 is available in both single player mode and multiplayer mode.

This game offers its users with same racing tracks, drivers and races from 2002 formula World Championship along with this you can also view race information because of its telemetry feature. Available in many platforms like GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Windows and much more.

This racing simulator game was nominated as one of the best racing games developed by Electronic Arts in 2002.


14.) Sonic Advance

best gba games
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Sonic Advance is a 2001 platform game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, developed by Dimps and Sonic Team and published in Japan by Sega for the Game Boy Advance.

This side-scrolling video game is an action game by genre. Sonic advance is very simple and fun loving game. The simple aim of this game is to defeat Dr Eggman with your favourite character. Reason to defeat Dr.Eggman is that he is trying to capture all animals of the island to turn them into evil robots.

Players can choose any one character from available four. You can choose between Amy Rose, Sonic the Headhodge, Tails, Knuckles the Echidna. There are six different levels available called as zones, each zone is split into two acts. Multiplayer mode is also available in this game.


15.) Metal Slug Advance

best gba games
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Introducing you to one of the best run and gun video game with advance features for the Game Boy Advance. Created by SKN Playmore in 2004, and is canon to the Metal Slug series. It is a single player game and here the term “Slug” refers to Tank. Let us enter through the doors of Metal Slug Advance and see what adventures it holds for you all.

The gameplay is very similar to any other Metal Slug, but here are two new systems to it, The first one is the life system and the second one is the card system. The life system is simply a life bar for players, as it replaces the extra lives from all the other Metal Slug Games. As any of the players takes damage, life bar depletes according to the damage caused as a different attack cause a different amount of damage.

Similarly, collecting food provides energy and can help restore health. Another side of it which may be obvious is that from being crushed, or falling down a pit the player will die. Now let us look a bit about the card system. The Card System is as the name suggest, a card collecting part of the game. Cards can simply be found in three ways

  1. When you shoot certain parts of the background.
  2. Cards can also be found by obtaining it from certain hostages.
  3. The other way is to do both simultaneously.

So, come in the adventures land and look for wonders in the traps of Game Boy Advance.


16.) Grand Theft Auto

best gba games
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Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a well known action-adventure video game which was developed by the Digital Eclipse and further published by Rockstar Games for the GBA on 26, October 2004.

Play as a local criminal, exploit the city rule the world as hell. In this particular series, you have been chased by local cops as you are exploiting the city and a prime suspect of a murder. The official city where the game is set in Liberty City.

Play as Mike who is a small-time criminal, working for the more connected Vinnie. But a twist comes when mike decided to leave the city of liberty along with Vinnie and thought of retire from his criminal life. But to grab for some more money Vinnie decides to take some more jobs from their employes and those are mafias. Play this game which contains some thrilling actions and storyline.


17.) Dragon Quest Monsters – Caravan Heart

best gba games
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Published by Enix and released only in Japan Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart is the third game in the Dragon Quest Monsters series. The game was released on March 29, 2003, only for Game Boy Advance is a Role-Playing and Single- Player mode game.

In the Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart you will not see the breeding system as it was available in past series. In this series, you will also saw humans also fight in the battles. You will be amazed knowing that there can be twelve players can play at a time in a caravan. So enjoy this exciting game with a good interface and storyline.


18.) Ultimate Spider-Man

best gba games
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Ultimate SPIDER-MAN based on single player video game mode which was released on 2005. This particular came is a blend of technology and 3d comic. The game is available for many different platforms like GameCube, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows and Game Boy Advance.

Playing Ultimate Spider-Man will give you an experience of free-roaming city environment which covers city like Manhattan and Queens. If we talk about the GBA version of Ultimate Spider-Man consist of seven issues divided among three chapters and for GBA version this game is a side-scroller.

You can control spiderman and venom. Along with this for GBA version there are three more characters Shocker, Silver Sable, and Carnage. If you are a Spiderman fan then this game is for you guys.


19.) Pokemon Emerland

best gba games
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Pokemon Emerald is one of the best role-playing game for Game Boy Advance. Developed by Game Freak this game was released on 16th September 2004 and later it was released in North America, Australia, and Europe. This game can also be called as an enhanced version of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.

This role-playing video game is available in both Single player and Multiplayer Modes. In this game, you play as a Pokemon trainer and your main aim is to conquer the series of eight Pokemon gyms so that you can challenge the Elite Four and also their champions.

Along with that you also need to defeat two criminal organizations which try to harm pokemon from their own perspectives. This role-playing game is really fun.


20.) Final Fantasy 1

best gba games
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Final Fantasy is basically a science fiction game created by Hironobu Sakaguchi and developed by Square Enix which was released back on 18th December 1987. This game is available for many platforms some of them are GameCube, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation, Ouya and much more.

A very interesting combat-style RPG with so many platforms and multiple sequels. Although most Final Fantasy instalments are stand-alone series along with some main characters to play with. In this game, you will see a group of heroes battling with evils and many relation clashes. One of the best GBA games you could play.


21.) Mat Hoffman’s Pro Bmx 2

best gba games
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Mat Hoffman Pro BMX 2 was published by Activision is a sports-based video game and it is endorsed by Mat Hoffman. Released on August 13, 2002, for PlayStation2, Xbox, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube. This game also serves as a sequel to Mat Hoffman’s and it is available in both Single-player and Multiplayer mode.

The game carries good interface and easy controls. As a player, your main objective is to control your BMX bike and perform tricks and stunts. Each trick and stunt will reward you points and that will be added to your score. This new series of BMX includes new tricks a balance meter and lip tricks. All together try this sports genre game for some new tricks and adventure.


22.) Mother 3

best gba games
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Released back in April 2006 in Japan Mother 3 is a role-playing a video game. Mother 3 is a single player supported game. In this game, the player controls its wonderful characters in the two-dimensional world. You can max your character abilities like Hit Points, Power Points, Defense, and Offense by defeating your enemies.

The game retains the turn-based battle system which means that gameplay is defined into various parts. The game automatically turns into battlefield screen when you come in contact with your enemy. This game is also good in terms of graphics and interface. You will love playing it.


23.) Need For Speed Underground 2


best gba games
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One of the best Cross-Platform Racing video game Need For Speed: Underground 2 was published and developed by Electronic Arts and released back in 2004. This game is the eighth instalment of popular NFS series. Need For Speed: Underground 2 is available for many platforms like Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation2, Xbox, Mobile Phones, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable. This series is available in both Single- Player and Multiplayer modes.

Some new features like broader customization, change in selecting racing modes added. Philadelphia is the city centre of this game, Secondly Beacon Hill is based on Beverly Hills. This series of NFS also introduces some new SUV and you can customize them.

There are five distinct neighbours available in NFS underground and all of them have unique looks and possess different features. They also differ in track types, road surfaces, and real-time weather effects. Along with that NFS underground had three different games mode Circut, Drift, and drag competition. So guys play this one of the best GBA games in racing category.


24.) 2006 Fifa World Cup

best gba games
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When we talk about best GBA games then we cannot miss the 2006 Fifa World Cup video game. Published by EA sports is one of the best football game. Released back in 2006, this series of FIFA can be played in various platforms like Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PC, PlayStation2. If we talk about modes then both single player and multiplayer mode are available.

Be the part of this legendary tournament by playing this FIFA 2006. The gameplay is very simple, select your team from available 127 teams and play World Cup Tournament at Germany. In this edition, the menus are redesigned and had some more options available. So don’t wait to play this football game and take your team to glory.


25.) Batman Begins

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The last game of the best GBA games list is Batman Begins which was developed by Eurocom and later published by Electronic Arts on June 14, 2005. This game is available for limited platforms like Game Boy Advance, GameCube, PlayStation2, and Xbox. Batman Begin is a Single- player game based on Action- Adventure and Stealth.

The only goal of Batman in this game is to defeat its opponent. To beat them you can use various combos and martial arts techniques. You can also incapacitate enemies with stealth. Various gadgets are also provided to defeat opponents like smoke grenades, Flash Bang Grenades and an HF Transponder. So show your skills in the Batman Begins by performing combos and save the city from the evils.


Wrapping Up

These are some of the best GBA games which you can play and you can have some wonderful time playing these amazing games.

If you are a GBA game fan and had your own GBA game list then do follow with us so that everyone can know some more best GBA games.

Till then its goodbye from our side we will be back with some more amazing games and information and do subscribe to our website for some more information regarding Gaming and Technology.

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