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Are you bored with your busy routine? Do you want a break from your hectic everyday schedule?

Well, the best thing that you can do is to play games online that improve productivity and needless to say, they are great time pass as well as a relief from the everyday hectic schedules.

Playing games online has always been very popular among children and adults, but with time, more and more games have been developed that have unique gameplay and a different story and theme. There are so many .io games available online that have their own unique characteristics and are equally addicting.

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List of 20 Best .io Games you can play right now


1.) Zombs.io

.io games

Build and protect your base from the zombies that attack at night. There are resources available that you can use to build your base and buildings. You also get to have your own stash of gold that you must protect at all costs.

Visit: Zombs.io



2.) MooMoo.io

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We start with a hammer, some food, and building resources. We have to collect food, wood, stone, and gold so that we can move on to the next age. With every age, we are given some options in which we can choose the resources of our choice. We have to defend ourselves from animals like wolfs and other players. There are two giant monsters that are protecting a chest with treasure in it that we can get if we defeat the monsters.

Visit: MooMoo.io


3.) Mope.io

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When we start the game, we have two choices of animals that we can become.  If we choose to become a shrimp, we will spawn in water, and if we become a mouse, we will be spawned on earth. If we get injured or cannot get enough water, our animal will die. As we consume water and food, our animal is evolved into a bigger/stronger animal. Every Animal has its own unique ability. We have to become the black dragon and defeat other black dragons if any, so we can be the king of the entire arena.

Visit: Mope.io


4.) Wormax.io

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This game is very similar to Slither.io. In this game, we spawn as a worm and have to eat small colorful dots and snowflakes to grow. Our worm will die if its face touches another worm’s body. There are powers which spawn in a glass ball which we can take to gain its benefit. We can also speed up, but it will cause some loss of food, points,and our worm’s length.

Visit: Wormax.io


5.) Slither.io

.io games

This is one the most popular .io games on the internet. There are hundreds of snakes slithering in the arena, each one of different size. We start playing as a tiny snake that has to survive by staying away from other snakes because if our head touches them, we die. Larger snakes can start to circulate us so we cannot escape, and ultimately we will get trapped and die, so we have to be very cautious.

Visit: Slither.io


6.) Wilds.io

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We can play in different modes such as fort and browars, and we can even train with our friends if we want to. Our avatars are spawned in the wild where we have to defend ourselves against wild creatures. In fort mode, we have to kill the players of the opposite teams. In another mode, you and another player have to fight till one of the players is killed.

Visit: Wilds.io


7.) Agar.io

.io games

We play as a cell and have to collect the resources that are DNA and coins. We have to eat small colourful specks to grow, and we can also eat the cells that are smaller than us. There are mystery potions as well, and their advantages depend on the game mode we are in. We have to brew these potions that provide us mass boost and coins. These potions also get you trophies. There are daily quests where when we complete the achievements we get DNA, coins and mass boost. After each week, the players with the most trophies get their respective positions on the leaderboard and are rewarded with coins and DNA.

Visit: Agar.io


8.) Hexar.io

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The arena is made up of small hexagons on which we have to make our base. We have to cover as much area as possible by roaming around in the shape of a loop, so it becomes ours. However, while we are moving, we have to be careful because other players can kill us by touching our boundary. That is why the larger our territory, the greater risk we are at of getting eliminated.

Visit: Hexar.io


9.) Defly.io

.io games

We play as a helicopter and have to kill other players and destroy their houses by shooting them. Our objective is also to build a house around our helicopter by clicking on the screen repeatedly. When a player dies, his or her house disappears.  By destroying other houses, we move on to the next level. After reaching level twenty, we can upgrade our helicopter.

Visit: Defly.io


10.) Flyordie.io

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This game is very much like Mope.io because in both the games we spawn as a weak/small animal, and we grow into stronger animals as we eat food and drink water. We spawn as a fly which has to eat dead fish in order to grow. We keep on playing until we become the biggest animal in the arena.

Visit: Flyordie.io


11.) Starblast.io

.io games

Be a spaceship and destroy enemy ships by firing at them or play by forming teams with other players. There are hundreds of meteors in space that you have to destroy by shooting them continuously. After a meteor is destroyed, it releases shiny specks that we have to collect. The bigger the meteor, the more specks we can get. There are also invasions that consist of several waves of robots that attack us.

Visit: Starblast.io


12.) Oceanar.io

.io games

We have to make an army of fish which we can make by eating more food, and this will get us our own fish. With this army, we can become the queen in the arena by defeating other fish. We can also kill the players so that all their fish become ours. If our fish is badly injured, we will automatically start to heal slowly.

Visit: Oceanar.io


13.) Powerline.io

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Very much like slither.io, powerline.io has power lines that are moving around in the arena. If we come too close to another power line, we can get electrocuted. To become bigger, we have to eat the food that is spread around in the form of shiny balls.

Visit: Powerline.io


14.) Brutal.io

.io games

When we start the game, we spawn as a car which is attached to a spiked ball called Flail. We have to eat small colourful balls to make our flail grow, and we can kill other players by throwing our flail on them. In the middle of our map, there is a black hole which gives out powers to improve our flail every once in a while. Like in most .io games, our main objective is to become the king of the arena.

Visit: Brutal.io


15.) Snix.io

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We spawn as a snake-like tube with a diamond-shaped face. We need to eat small squares to grow which are only obtained by killing other players. There are many objectives that we have to complete so we can win a skin. The game’s map is also square, and at every edge, there is a red coloured space. If the “head” of our player stays on the red coloured space for more than two seconds, our player dies.

Visit: Snix.io


16.) Diep.io

.io games

Play as a tank that annihilates the other tanks. This game can prove to be hard for some people who do not have much practice. There are several game modes in Diep.io like tag, sandbox, domination, and maze. After every fifteen levels, we can upgrade our tanks into stronger and better tanks. There is more variety in the game modes if you play on a PC.

Visit: Diep.io


17.) Krunker.io

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For people who love first-person shooter games, this is for them. Just like other shooting games, we are divided into teams and have to kill the other players with our guns. The arena is constructed into a maze where we have to be careful and find other enemies.

Visit: Krunker.io


18.) Wings.io

.io games

Fly around in airplanes and shoot other planes that are flying in the sky. You have to keep flying, or you will fall down and crash into the ocean. Weapons like machine guns and laser guns are floating in the sky, and we can use by collecting them. You also have to option to change your airplane color and model.

Visit: Wings.io


19.) Cursors.io

.io games

This is a unique game considering we have to use a cursor to play. As we complete a level, we move on to the next where we have a different objective. Sometimes we have to cooperate with other players to complete that level.

Visit: Cursors.io


20.) Bonk.io

.io games

We are given a bouncing ball, and we have to make sure that it keeps on bouncing. The trick is to control the weight and balance of your ball, so it stays on the screen because if it bounces off in the wrong direction, we will lose. All the levels have different objectives.

Visit: Bonk.io


Which .io Games you like the most?

The craze of .io games has significantly increased because they are quite simple and fun to play. Moreover, these games are really interesting and you will love them.

So, I hoped you enjoyed my list of 20 Best .io games. Now I want to hear from you.

Which Game from this post are you most excited to try about? Are you going to play Agar? Or you are going for Zombs?

Let me know by leaving a quick comment.

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