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Emails! An inevitable part of our lives. Be it be for professional or personal use, emails are just there, coexisting amongst all of us. Yes, it is true that technology has been advanced to a place where we have lots of alternatives to replace email. But we tend to use it for a long way back as it provides a sense of sincerity or directness of the subject to be presented. Therefore, today we will discuss the 9 best mail apps for mac.

So there are a lot of people using Mac instead of Windows, for whom we have got the required help today. Everyone needs a digital space where they can experience efficiency in work. And we are here to help all the Mac users to provide that experience. You must have thought about what suits you, your system and your work in the most productive manner and possibly got a few results as well.

Here we are today to clear all your confusions and provide you the list of best mail apps for Mac. We have attached the links to all of these apps as well as mentioned the features.



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Source: Polymail Blog

Polymail is the most basic mail app in our list of best mail apps for mac. It has both paid as well as free version. You have the facility to track if your sent email has been read or not. It also helps in postponing the emails to be read later. Being basic and smarter is what polynomial is all about. The free version which is basically a trial version gives features like undo, read later, tracking email, and calendar scheduling. And the paid version has some more extra features and add-ons like templates, etc. It helps teams to stay organized and make better decisions through comments, mentions, tagging, etc.

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Source: Lifewire

Now Spark is truly a sparkling mail app in our list of best mail apps for Mac. The features that this app provides are beyond amazing. You can compose an email with your teammates using the real-time compose editor. Converse with your team regarding an email, use templates, clean your inbox with important stuff staying. Customize swipes and snooze emails to handle at the right time. There is a facility to find a mail using natural language search. Spark helps in scheduling emails to send at a specific time so that you are most likely to get a response from the recipient. Get reminders, notifications, and you also get your email signature by swiping left or right.

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Source: Macworld

Mozilla Thunderbird is a  very clean and sorted mail app. You get to make personalized email addresses for self, family, business, etc. There are attachment reminders, one-click address book. You can chat with your contacts via any messaging application with many supporting networks. Various skins are available to try different looks. Open emails in different tabs for easy reference. Filter emails, timeline tools to get exactly what you are looking for, archive messages, manager all your activities. Share links of large files instead of sending the complete file and what not.

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Source: Lifehacker

Airmail 3 is such an elegant, productive and efficient mailing app for all the users. Its design is extremely beautiful and supports all major email services. It provides fast performance and great intuitive interface as well. Support is offered to MS Exchange, iCloudTM, IMAP, GoogleTM Apps, YahooTM, GmailTM, POP3, Outlook.comTM, Live.comTM, AOLTM. You get to experience an easy and quick interface where you can use single or multiple accounts. Turn your emails into notes or tasks in other apps, fast switch between accounts and reply to messages in a matter of seconds.

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Source: Linux Centro

Mailspring is one fun mail app for Mac users with both free and pro versions. Free versions include features like some amazing themes and layouts, unified inbox, signatures, advanced search, and shortcuts, spell checks, etc. Mailspring pro has got some extra features like link tracking, read receipts, quick reply templates and so on. Apart from Mac, it supports Window and Linux as well. It is one of the most sorted mail apps which provides a never forgetting professional experience with a simple interface.

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6.) MacOS MAIL

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Source: Error Fixer

MacOS Mail is a default mail app for apple users. It is one of the simplest mail apps available. You can work with different accounts and switch between multiple accounts easily. Reply to important messages from notification center, find important emails using spotlight search. The interface is quite sleek and manageable to work with. It is completely free to use. Organize your mailbox into different folders to make it neat and clean. Attach files and markup your attachments while sending too. All in all, it is a very sorted mail app to use.

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Source: Twitter

Canary mail is truly an app which is secure, fun, beautiful and smart as per its tagline. One of the most fantastic features of this app is that it encrypts your mail and decrypts on the receiver’s system only, nobody else can read it which is beneficial for all sorts of confidential information. It provides you to focus on the inbox with important emails by highlighting, cleans spam in bulk, read notifications, snoozing, templates, etc. You can filter out emails which are unread, with attachments, unanswered, and so on. It is a complete package to use canary mail for mac users

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Source: The SeaMonkey® Project

Seamonkey is a Mozilla product which aims to be a web browser, mail app, HTML editor, etc. all in one. The mail application is loaded with features and instant messaging capabilities. It is an appropriate app as well as a browser for both personal and business requirements. It provides a very adaptable user interface. The speed of the browser is similar to other web browsers. It has a simple look and the user can get comfortable with it in a few moments. Setting up an account is easy and retrieving an old account is a fast process. Email accounts, messages, folders, etc. can be viewed in various different tabs.

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Source: OM4

Postbox is a one-stop destination for people to work efficiently in an organized manner. Switch to different themes on one click. You can send links to large files on Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. and not the real files. Simplify your inbox view by organizing the content by contacts, tags, etc. You can edit a mail in HTML using the advanced code editor. It has a quick search bar, and you can also customize your searches by subject, date range, sender and more. And hidden images and documents can also be found out using the search. Open folders in various tabs like in a browser, group your accounts, have a favorites section and what not.

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Wrapping Up!

That was all about the 9 best mail apps for Mac. Please share your valuable comments with us in the section below. Please mention if we have left anything important. Goodbye till the next time.


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