Are you a fond player of Minecraft games? Then you have landed on the correct platform because we are going to tell a different area of it. So today we will tell you all about the 11 best Minecraft mods for 2018. The mods are like an addon to make it hard to resist to play to an already amazing game. We are gonna tell everything about these mods, their special features, and how they will enhance your Minecraft gaming experience.

Following are the 11 best Minecraft mods for 2018 and explanation of their specialities.

1. JourneyMap

best minecraft mods
SOURCE: TLauncher

Journey map mod is extremely easy to use with all the live mapping and nice, detailed user interface. It works in both single and multi-player worlds.

You can see the map in a new minimap or the full-screen map in-game. With the map, you can see the nearby monsters, animals, and other dangers and dodge them before they get to you. This makes your game quite exciting. The waypoints are also shown on the map which is beneficial to win.

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2. Twilight Forest

best minecraft mods

The Twilight Forest mob adds a new dimension of dense forests to the game. It has lots of mobs, mainly consisting of fairytale mystical-inspired mob. You can probably get attacked by the monsters from the forest which you need to be alert about. It gives a pure woods feel with all the trees, lakes and animals. There is a giant yeti boss also which drops the material for epic armour and ice bombs too.


3. Botania

best minecraft mods
SOURCE: Como Instalar Mods No Minecraft

Botania mod provides you with the magical powers of mystical and beautiful plants. The flowers in the Minecraft game comes in 16 colours. The magical powers devices by utilizing the power of earth, in the form of Mana. Botania is fully played by itself, though it works better with other mods. The flowers have superpowers which will not just give a pleasant look but also helps you in the game to succeed.

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4. Optifine

best minecraft mods
SOURCE: Skins-Minecraft

Optifine is sort of a Minecraft mod which optimizes your experience in the game by running faster. It has various configuration options and it fully supports HD textures. Doubling FPS is common and it decreases lag spikes and smooths gameplay. It provides you with so many customizing options to adjust lighting, fonts, texture size, etc. All in all this mod is a performance related tool That provides a large FPS boost.


5. WAILA- What am I looking at

best minecraft mods
SOURCE: Como Instalar Mods No Minecraft

WAILA is a UI improvement mod to provide information about things in the game. It gives information about an item which the player is looking at, justifying the name ” What Are You Looking At”. The information comes in a pop-up giving details like what is the item, which mod generated it and so on. It does that to give an overview of the whole game and items to the player, to make a better understanding of the game.

6. Magic Yarn

best minecraft mods

Say no more to lose your way to home. As Magic Yarn mod is here to retrace your steps back to your home when you get lost from your base. Now you can trek, wander in woods, mines, etc without having a compass when you have Magic Yarn mod. You just need to right click on the portal to make your first point. All you need to do is call your waypoint back up whenever you lose your way.

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7. Decocraft

best minecraft mods

Decocraft is all about decorating your world in a way you like. By adding this mod to your Minecraft game, you will be able to lift your game world to a whole new level. The items you can include are beds, tables, kitchen, bathroom, mirrors, curtains, etc. You can craft any item with your own recipes and with the given colors and tools. You can craft anything from furniture to lamps, and cutlery, etc.


8. Instant Lake

best minecraft mods

The Instant Lake mod works when you have lots of holes, pits, etc on your way and you want to fill them up. It adds these areas with water tor lakes and lava for lava pool. It is very useful to turn an explosive area into a beautiful scenery to make ponds filled with water. This mod makes your  Minecraft game very serene and attractive with all the lakes and volcanos.


9. CraftGuide

best minecraft mods
SOURCE: MinecraftRed

CraftGuide is here to help you with all the crafting recipes required within the game. So you don’t need to hustle so much to collect recipes from different places. It provides everything in one place. You can search for specific items from the list and it will filter out the items as per your needs. It is a massive guidebook for all the recipes a person requires to craft a recipe.

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10. Animal Bikes

best minecraft mods

Animal Bikes is the Minecraft mod in which you get to ride on animals, as the name hints. This mod is suitable for a single as well as multiplayer. You can summon ridable creatures and animals anytime with an ease. All these rides have several different kinds of abilities with different speed levels. you can grab rides on dragons, bears, bats, pony, wolf, etc. There is a ride with Ender Dragon to ride in the sky and emit fire when you need, just o give you the hint.

11. CandyCraft

minicraft mods

Want to experience a sweet journey to a dreamy place? Be careful though, as CandyCraft mod is not all sugar coated like it seems as it has added a new dimension to it with various blocks, armours, items, etc. You will be needing to fight monsters and dragons, explore exciting levels. There are all sorts of enemies and bosses to stand against, you need to stay strong and fight all of these to enter new mobs.



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