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Music is something which we all love and it has always been our companion. We Music lovers love to listen to songs and download them as well.

You all may agree to this thing that downloading songs is very difficult but here is the solution to your problem. There are also many applications to download mp3 music and sites as well.

Mp3 boo was one of the best sites from where we could download quality music links but as this site is not active you might face difficulties downloading good quality music.

Earlier with mp3boo, it was much easier to download free songs and album, thanks to the technical world.

There are many good alternatives to the mp3boo, which we will discuss today. These alternatives will surely solve your downloading problems. These are 10 best alternatives for MP3boo which can provide you with good quality music links and free downloading. So let us start and cover them all.




One of the best alternatives to Mp3boo, Israbox, which is the first website we will discuss.

If you are looking to download full music albums for free then this site is the one you will love to visit every time to download your favourite music. The site is well known for its quality music links and its speed.

This website is very easy to use. You can easily search for your music and download it for free. Along with this subscribing to the website is not mandatory to download the songs.

While downloading the music try to find Turbobit links and use those links to download your music albums because some links take to a service where subscribing gets mandatory.

Some Added Features Of Israbox Music

  • Search music through the Music Genres list.
  • A vast collection of songs.
  • Easy to search and download song.

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The second best alternative to Mp3boo is LoudTronix which is one of the most popular websites among the music lovers. One of the biggest advantages of this website is that you can search for your favourite music without facing any advertisements. This website uses YouTube as a platform to find songs and videos, so it is much easier for you to find any song or video of any particular type.

LoudTronix has got a very easy interface to use along with that it is very easy to find your music. Google Chrome users can add an extension which will help you in downloading your favourite YouTube video in MP3 format in the easiest way.

You just need to select the quality of the video after selecting the quality it will automatically convert the video for you in mp3 and you don’t need to go back to the homepage.

Some More Features Of LoudTronix

  • Wide category of music.
  • Easy Mp3 Downloading.
  • Easy to find music.

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3.) Mp3INT


If you want simplicity with perfect links then Mp3INT is all you need.

This website was closed for a long time but came back with a bang. The homepage is very sorted, you just need to write the name of the song you want to listen and automatically you will get the appropriate results with downloading options.

One of the major disadvantages of this website is that you cannot download albums here. But on the other hand, you can download individual songs easily. Along with Mp3 music download, it also uses YouTube service as a source and provides you with free services.

This website got some attractive and easy interface which makes this website one of the reliable alternatives for Mp3boo.

Some More Features Of Mp3INT

  • Easy individual song downloading.
  • Easy to find your music.
  • Simple, Sober and free to use.

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4.) Plixid


If you love easy surfing, then Plixid is the best mp3boo alternative for you.

Other alternatives to mp3boo had a very simple interface but Plixid has an attractive interface to enhance your experience. It is one of the most organized sites you can download music from.

Here you can find music by directly writing the name of the song on the search bar. Secondly, they also categorize different categories like Albums, Pop, Electronic and much more. In short, if you remember just a little detail about the song you can find it here.

Very easy to operate and download some good music and if you love organization then this site is perfect for users like you.

Some More Features About Plixid

  • Catchy user interface.
  • Easy to download your music.
  • Well organized music website.

Click Here To Visit.

5.) SoundCloud


The next best alternative to Mp3boo is Soundcloud.

Compare to every mp3boo alternative Soundcloud has got some astonishing features. Before discussing them all, let me tell you, as a music lover I love this website very much because it gives you the opportunity to showcase your talent. With the help of SoundCloud, you can connect with some of the best musicians and share your work.

Along with this, you can download your music with an ease. You can also create your account on SoundCloud and start making yourself a brand by uploading your music as well. Adding to its features you can find some great user interface and very easy to download music and uploading feature as well.

This website also offers its mobile application. To download its application click here. At last SoundCloud also sends you feedback of your uploaded video which helps you in improving your music.

Some More Features Of SoundCloud

  • Easy to download songs.
  • Showcase your talent by uploading your videos.
  • Connect with global musicians.
  • Send feedback for your uploaded video.

Click Here To Visit.

6.) 2Wavvy


The next best alternative to Mp3boo is 2Wavvy.

Although the website name is very confusing but believes it you will love its easy user-interface and great site speed. This website has a unique functioning, hence a good alternative to mp3boo.

Sometimes we regret buying an album thinking it may be good because of one song we love that album. If this ever happened to you then 2wavvy is best to offer its services to users like you. 2Wavvy offers its users to listen and judge every song before buying the album. This doesn’t mean that you need to pay for listening and downloading songs, it is free.

You can also find your songs by the categories mentioned on the website like Album and Singles. It makes user easy to find music along with that you can also write the name of your song you want to download. Go and explore the site for some more music.

Some More Features Of 2Wavvy

  • Access to recent songs.
  • Free to listen and download music.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good interface.

Click Here To Visit.

7.) Mp3jam


Here comes Mp3Jam in our list of best alternatives to Mp3goo.

This site offers you above 20 million free songs with an easy access. This site has got quite an amazing interface which attracts many users. Here you can find any artist song, Album or individual music and can directly start downloading in mp3 format.

This website gives you legal access to all the songs thus making it safe for downloading songs. Mp3 jam is a multi-tasker website, it allows you to download full albums an also single songs.

It also allows you to share music on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter straight from the music software. This site also got Smart Search music Feature which helps you to find music through albums accurately. You can also find music by the name as well.

This website use multi-thread download technology which makes downloading mp3 music at a good speed. It also lets you download songs in the highest quality (320 kbps) for free. This site finds music automatically for the highest audio bitrate which lets you download good quality music.

Some More Features Of Mp3 Jam

  • Best Music finder.
  • Impressive music library.
  • High-Quality Music.

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8.) EMusic


Now we will talk about EMusic. This site is very much popular among music lovers because of its Worldwide music searching capabilities. Here you can witness some awestruck user-interface and it is also easy to access which appeals the users.

This site has a huge set of a music library which makes this site more interesting. Once you start using this site then there will be no look back. To access this site you need to sign in with the site. Platforms like Google, Facebook could be used to sign in to the site.

The site has got some stunning music collection for its lovers. You can explore some great music here. So don’t wait more, go explore the site and I assure you that you will be fully entertained.

Some More Features Of EMusic

  • Stunning homepage.
  • Good music library.
  • Easy to find music.

Click Here To Visit.

9.) Jamendo


Another great alternative for mp3boo is Jamedo.

This is a music website and along with that an open community of independent artists and music enthusiasts. It allows its user to download and listen to music for free. One of the goals of Jamedo is to connect music lovers from all around the world which is a great initiative.

Here you could see communities related to POP music, Rock, Jaz and much more. It also allows you to upload your own song by creating your own profile. Till now the website has a community of more than 3 Million music lovers. This website got an abundance of good music and differentiated categories.

This is not the end, here you can also find new released songs and albums of the different artist. Users can listen to Mp3 encoded files and can download them as well as in mp3 good quality. One of the best thing about this website is that it is ads free website, so there would be no ads annoy you.

You could make your personal account where you would be granted with extended features like creating the playlist, sharing platforms and much more. A specific search bar will let you search for your favourite music or artist which eases your founding.

It is a free and legal platform to download music under creative commons licenses. The website is available in Eight different languages. Your search for best music will definitely end here, don’t wait to search your music here.

Some More About Jamendo

  • Available in eight different languages.
  • Over 40,000 artists.
  • Easy to use and download the song.

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10.) ZippyAudio


This is the last in our list of the best alternative to mp3boo which we will discuss is ZippyAudio.

ZippyAudio is one of the most authentic and sober websites. Downloading music here is way easier with a great music quality link.  You can signup for free to its premium account.

Its premium will allow you to save yourself from regular ads, grant you access over 20 million songs, high speed downloading and much more. Adding to its feature, you can create your own playlist and can listen from any time online from any device.

Download any song and listen to them. This site claim to have the largest mp3 tracks databases online. So why wait! explore for more.

Some More About ZippyAudio

  • Superior Indexing System.
  • Easy to download songs.
  • Handy user-interface.

Click Here To Visit.


Wrapping Up!

We dedicate this post to every music lover across the globe. These mp3boo alternatives will help you to download and upload good quality music. Explore them all and share your experiences with us. If you know some more good alternatives for Mp3boo then share them as well with us.

Till then we take your leave and we will be back with some great information for you all.  For more recent updates you can like our Facebook page and there also you can share your experiences with us of above-mentioned sites.


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