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Music is something we all found off and we all love. This is something which helps us to refresh our bad moods, helps us to refresh some memories and much more. As a constant music lover, I know its a boom that today we got such wonderful platforms where we can dig in and directly listen to our favorite music.

As downloading music for your smartphones and computers goes out of fashion, we will tell you some amazing platforms where you can listen to free music directly without any problem. So without wasting further time lets scroll down and take advantage of these awesome platforms.

   1.) SoundCloud

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SoundCloud offers you some exclusive blend of homemade audio and music from artists. It gives you the authority to follow other users and you can also keep track of their new records. SoundCloud allows you to post your own audios, share music or in short, it can also be called an artist’s blog.

One of the uniqueness of this application is that you can find many experimental tracks and many live performances of top musicians. On the soundtrack, you can create your own music playlist and you can also create a list of your favourite music.

You need to create your account to listen to music or upload. The free version of SoundCloud offers you to listen to music but ad-supported. For unlimited uploading, streaming, downloading, etc you need to purchase its subscription which comes in two variants. The first variant will cost you $6/Month and the second variant will cost you approx $12/Month. The only difference here is that you can schedule your streams.

    Things We Liked A Lot!

  • You can download some content for free.
  • Regular Updated content.
  • You can explore the related artist.

   Things We Didn’t Like!

  • You need to pay a good amount for Ad-free music.
  • Purchased subscription doesn’t provide many songs according to vestmagzine.
  • The playlist does not provide personal album.

You can download this application for both Android and iOS

    Download SoundCloud

  2.) Google Play.

free music apps
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The second on the list and one of the most popular applications for listening to music is Google play music. This offers you more than 40 Million plus songs and also offers you to create your personal music collection. It comes with a very unique feature of ” I’m Feeling Lucky”, in this google will play music according to your music you often listen to google music.

Google Music also allows you to download music and listen to them whenever you want to, along with that you can play your favourite artist songs. Google Play Music is a perfect blend of authentic radios and artist modes.

The free version of Google Play Music will allow you to directly listen to any of your favourite songs, easily discover and subscribe to the podcasts, music recommendations according to your taste. The free version will include ads. The single account of Google music subscription will cost you around $9.99/Month and its family pack will cost you around $14.49/Month

In Paid versions, you can access over 35 Million songs, streaming to unlimited music Ad-free, Youtube premier membership, personal upload of more than 100,000 songs, Acess to download your music.

    Things We Liked A Lot!

  • Can upload 50,000 of your own songs to Google account.
  • The same account can be accessed from up to 10 devices at once.
  • More than 40 Million songs available on a single platform.
  • Purchased Service also includes Youtube Music.

    Things We Didn’t Like!

  • Required Google account to log in.
  • Downloading songs is only available for paid subscribers.
  • Some songs can’t be played until you own them.
  • Ad-free music is only available for paid users.

Application is accessible for both iOS and Android users for free.

Android Users Click here to download    iOS Users click here to download

  3.) Spotify.

free music apps
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The third application on our list is Spotify, another perfect application for your total music entertainment. Spotify recommends you song according to your music taste and believes me it is very accurate. It allows you to create your own radio stations and create your own favourite playlist.

Spotify gives you the option to create an unlimited number of playlist. This also comes with a video streaming service and one of the best thing I liked about Spotify is that you can share your playlist with your friends and they can listen to that same playlist.

Spotify is free but comes with a paid version also. Its free version will include shuffle play, online music, songs recommendations. The paid version will cost you 9.99EUR/Month which will include music downloading, Ad-Free music, Unlimited skips are available in the paid option of Spotify.

    Things We Liked A Lot!

  • Includes a long range of devices.
  • 30 Days free premium trial available.
  • Easy to make and share the playlist.
  • Personalized recoomendations are available.

    Things We Don’t Like!

  • Six music skips are available only.
  • Full of advertisement in the free version.
  • A user account is necessary for using Spotify.

Application is available for both Android and iOS.

Download Now: Spotify

  4.) LiveXLive.

free music apps
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LiveXLive is another platform for music lovers which allows you to listen to free music and live streaming anytime anywhere. This is a unique blend of hand-crafted music stations which will take you to another listening level.

LiveXLive allows you to create your own radio playlist. It also allows you to keep a track on your music and create your favourite list. One of the best thing which I like about this application is that it also stream videos of live music festivals across the globe.

The free version of LiveXLive allows you to listen to online music, standard audio, listen to radio stations. LiveXLive comes with paid options, the 1st plan comes with an auto-renewal of $3.99/ Month which includes auto skips, Ad-Free music, maximum audio quality. The second plan comes which auto-renewal of $9.99/ Month which includes on-demand albums, offline listening, creating own playlist.

   Things We Liked!

  • User account not necessary for listening to music.
  • Can adjust audio stream quality.
  • Great radio stations.
  • Music alerts Available

   Things We Didn’t Like!

  • Only 6 songs can be skipped in a day.
  • Most features required a paid version.
  • Occasional commercials between songs.

This application is available for both Android and iPhone

Download Now: LiveXLive

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  5. Spinrilla.

best music apps
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Another complete package for music lovers, Spinrilla is one of the most popular music applications from which allows you to hear mixtape music, emerging artist and much more. If we talk about catalogs, Spinrilla comes with the largest catalogs of independent hip-hop artists and underground singers.

Spinrilla also comes with radio-built in option which enhances its credibility as the best music app. It allows you to listen to offline music with different varieties of music.

   Things We Liked!

  • You can save music offline.
  • Excellent Mixtape music is available.
  • List of some best instrumental music available in the market.

   Things We Don’t Like!

  • Ad-Supported

So don’t be late, listen to your favorite music here. Spinirilla is available for both iOS and Android.

Download Now: Spinrilla

  6. 8tracks

best music apps
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Next on our list is 8tracks which is another radio music application. This application contains more than 2million playlists by genre, mood, and artist which makes this application full of music. From chill to rock, night to morning 8tunes covers almost every music genre.

One of the unique features of 8track which actually makes me add this to my best music apps is that it includes automatic sleeper timer which stops playing music automatically.

The free version of 8track music is ad-supported, though you can shift to 8track+ with a monthly subscription of $4.99/Month.

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Things We Liked!

  • Interesting playlists available
  • Handy interface
  • Listening to music is totally free.

   Things We Don’t Like!

  • Log in is required.
  • Ads-supported

8track music is available for both Android and iOS

Download Now: 8track

  7.) Stingray Qello

best music apps
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Stingray Quello is another one of the best music apps. If you love to watch music documentaries, music concerts then Stingray Quello is the best choice for you. At the home screen of this application, you will see options of various concerts, tracks, classic rocks and much more.

You can watch trailers, Promo tracks, Personalized Recommendations, Music Documentaries and much more. Here you can also find video details, Audio tracks.

Stingray Quello is available in both paid and unpaid options. In the free version, you can get access to only Quello Tv channels, Trailers, and Promo tracks. The paid version will give access you to all the options like creating your own setlists, music documentaries, personalized recommendations.

   Things We Liked!

  • Music Documentaries.
  • Full-length concerts.
  •  Concert Films

   Things We Don’t Like!

  • Limited free version access
  • Sign Up required.

Available for both Android and iPhone.

Download Now: Stingray Quello

Wrapping Things!

So these are mine some best music apps which you can also enjoy. I personally used the applications and I love them all, for me, it is difficult to rank them as all tops the list for best music apps.

If you are a music lover and you know some more handy best music apps then do share with us instantly at our handle or you can follow us on our twitter and facebook handle as well. So don’t keep us waiting, do share your lists as well.

TILL then I and my team take your leave. I hope you will enjoy these best music apps.

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