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Nowadays, voice assistants are getting more and more popular while Siri being the best of them. Because of Siri’s efficiency and integrity, it gained many users, similarly, the other voice assistants are working on the same road to gain popularity. While Siri is Apple’s own digital voice assistant, there are many other voice assistants for android as well. Siri for Android and voice assistant apps are getting popular more and more.

Voice assistant apps act as personal assistants and help you a lot in daily life. They help you to keep track of important things and make your life a little easier to manage. Siri is not the only one in the market, there are many others.

So here’s the list of some apps which are like Siri for Android Os



Assistant is an amazing Siri-like app for android devices. It is a very good alternative to Siri for Android Os. It helps you set reminders, plan meetings, navigate maps, call people and much more.

Assistant not only obeys orders but also give suggestions based on your favourite places and preferences, in addition to your location and schedule. With a smooth interface, it is a very delightful app to use. Assistant is available for free with in-app purchases.


Google Now

No doubt, Google Now is one of the best available personal assistant app available on Android. It comes with tons of features which include basics, along with more advanced stuff like Google Now on tap, anticipating your needs, activation from anywhere.

Moreover, Google Now receives constant updates from Google which seems to only add to its range of features and stability.

Siri for Android

Download Google Now on Google Play 



Robin has been around for quite some time and is also known as the original Siri challenger. It is fast booting personal assistant which supports basic commands such as sending SMS, calling, it can also find about parking and traffic alerts, can find gas prices and much more. Texting is a real fun with this amazing personal assistant app.

Download Robin on Google Play 



Android has Google NNow, Apple has Siri, likewise, Microsoft also felt the need of a personal assistant so they came up with Cortana. It includes many features such as sending SMS, calling people, telling jokes, tracking packages, taking notes and much more. Cortana can be a little rough around the edges but it is still better integrated than a lot of other apps in the market.

The biggest appeal about Cortana is it’s cross-platform availability.

Siri for Android

Download Cortana on Google Play 


Google Allo

Google Allo is fairly new in the personal assistant space. It houses Google Assistant which is capable of doing a variety of things like tell jokes, deliver information at requested times, answers questions, search for things, adds stuff to a calendar, and a lot more. It can be invoked from any non-incognito chat and can be used by everyone in the chat. Google Allo is basically a voice assistant combined with a messenger service.

Download Google Allo on Google Play


Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant is also a great alternative to Siri for Android. It has the best stylish interface design among others.  This app also includes something called Attentive Mode which can be activated even when the screen is off and locked. This makes Dragon Mobile one of the few that offer such functionality.

It serves all the basic functionality such as calling people, texting messages and more. Apart from that, it makes it very easier for you to find restaurants and hotels around you. This is a great app and you should definitely try it once.

Download Dragon Mobile Assistant on Google Play 



Jarvis is quite popular from the iron man times . Remember , Tony Stark used to call it’s personal assistant as “Jarvis”. It is available for free in Play Store. Along with basics, Jarvis also comes with widget support, set reminders, the ability to set wallpapers , device control and it’s among the very few apps which can be used on wearables such as Android Wear. Currently, this app supports only English which is quite sad about it.

Download Jarvis on Google Play 


Which alternative do you like the most?

So, guys, this was all about the best Siri alternatives for your Android device. What do you guys think about them ?

Which alternative do you like the most?

Do tell me by leaving a quick comment.

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