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Hello everyone out there. Today we will tell you everything you would be wondering about Android P or Android 9.0. So as we all know Google has just released the Android P Developer Review and it is going to be a really interesting update.

There is no specific name had given to ‘Android P’ but many rumours start guessing that the name could be Android Pie, Android Pumpkin Pie and much more. Although some sources pointed the name could be Android Pistachio Ice Cream, which Google is calling the upcoming OS internally.

Coming back the to the topic let is us now discuss Expected date, Features of Android P

When is Android P Coming Out?

The first question which pooped out is when it will release, so let me tell you in August 2018 it will be released but not for all Android devices. Google Pixel devices will be the first one to get initial updates of Android P.

After the  September’s IFA 2018 show we could see Andriod P updates for other Android device users as well. Although Android updates are decided by Network operators and Phone Manufacturers rather than Google itself. The reason for this is that they need to customize according to the update.

Some good news for Nokia phone users as Nokia already confirmed Android P updates for all 2017 phones. Along with that other user like Samsung, Sony, HTC, and LG will get Android P update in late 2018. It is expecting that OTA updates will get download much faster and use less data because of Brotli compression algorithm.

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Features Of Android P.

Android P releases some great features and capabilities for its users. So let us discuss features of this android coming update.


android p

This is one of the most amazing features which can be witnessed. If accurate location is a problem for you then after this update it won’t be more. Here Android P turn support for Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT) to let you take advantage of locating indoor. Firstly Google maps rely on some technologies like GPS, cell tower triangulation and much more but after RTT Android P devices can measure the distance between WiFi access points and figure out your position itself.

For doing so you must have the location enabled and Wi-Fi scanner turned on ( under settings- Location) and along with them, your app must have ACCESS-FINE-LOCATION. Good news is that connecting your device to different APs is not necessary to use RTT technology.

Remember that your device will have Wi-Fi on.  With this accuracy, you can also experience in- building navigation, Fine-grained location-based services such as disambiguated voice control which is quite awesome and interesting.


android p
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The second feature which we will discuss is Security system on Android P. It includes the number of security system like

  1. Unified Fingerprint Authentication Dialog–  This system Unified Fingerprint Authentication Dialog on behalf of your device application. It actually helps to standardized look along with this placement of your dialog.
  2. Encrypted Backups– The second feature under security is more interesting. It actually means you need to enter the PIN, PASSWORD or pattern you use for unlocking your phone to backup your device data. It also means that your data will remain same in your cloud, whether live on your phone.
  3. High- assurance user confirmation– This is the third feature under security system by Android P, by using this new API, your app can use a confirmation dialog. This will allow the app to re-confirm that the user would like to complete a payment or transaction.

3. More Improved Notification.

android p

The third feature which we will discuss is improved notification. Compare to android oreo Android P has more notification Options. In the coming operating system, you will get the Al-generated auto response which is actually really good. Adding to Android P there are more improved media elements like user avatars, photos will appear in notification along the message which is a great move by Google.

4.Multi-Camera Support.

android p

Another astonishing feature Android P is coming with is Multi-Camera Support. Google also worked on reducing delays during initial camera and surface sharing. As I Told about multi-camera support, the new Android version you can actually experience many new camera tricks if your device has a Dual Camera arrangement. According to Google, this function can be used for “seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision.”

More than that Google also enables external USB CAMERAS and USV CAMERAS on supported devices, here you can also take benefits of this feature.


android p

Google has taken some great initiatives to improve HDR( HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE) VDR profile as Google adds built-in support which means you can deliver HDR movies to your user on HDR capable devices.

In HEIF image feature google tries to improve image compression so that you can save your mobile storage and your network data. With the coming of Android P it will become easier to send and utilize a HEIF image. Along with that Android P also introduces Media Player 2.

How To Get Android P Developer Preview On Your Devices.

The first thing which I want to tell you is that Android P developer preview is not yet a part of Android Beta System. Still, interested users can download the version manually through flash system image. Another important thing is that this preview is only available for GOOGLE PIXEL, XL, PIXEL 2 and PIXEL 2 XL.

Google has provided system image links and also provided extensive flashing instruction to do the process.

NOTE: We will actually not recommend you to download first because downloading flash image can wipe out your data so creating a backup of your device is highly recommend. Along with that, now we are not providing you with the steps because a consumer preview will available soon so I will recommend you to wait for that.

Some Other Features.
  • Support for images.
  • Replies will be saved as the draft.
  • Display cutout APIs.
  • Smart Replies.
  • Better Security.

This is all about your Android P. We tried to cover every single doubt which could come to your mind. If still some doubts left in your mind then you can mention them in our comment section. Till then its goodbye from our side we are waiting for your comments.

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