google assistant go

Google Assistant Go is an application developed by Google which is finally set too hit the market with a bang. They can be operated easily in the slower phones along with this the application is designed for Android Oreo. While Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition) smartphones are yet to reach the market, Google Assistant Go has been launched in the market.

Just like the other GO varients launched by Google like YouTube GO, Maps Go and Files Go. Google Assistant Go is another toned version of Standard Google Assistant.

More About Google Assistant Go.

As I said Google Assistant Go is designed for the Android Oreo [Go Edition] but you can still download it from Google Play Store.

This application will let you use your voice to make phone calls, text messages, check the weather, play music. It is much familiar with the standard version of Google Assistant.

 google assistant go

Some features which Standard assistant provides you with reminders, Smart home options, Actions on Google etc are not available in Go edition. This particular application is more likely to not support ” OK GOOGLE” or ” HEY GOOGLE”. Because the application is designed to use less storage these functions are not included in the GO variant of Google Assistant.

 google assistant go

This is very simple to use application, you just need to touch or hold the home button or you can also tap the microphone icon on Google bar to operate this application.

As for now, Google Assistant Go supports English language only. It is expected to have some more language add-ons of languages in this application.

 So What is the difference between Standard and GO Variant.

The most basic difference between the standard and Go variant assistant consumption of space. Go consumes much less storage compare to Standard Assistant. Along with this, there are some features like reminders, the ability to control smart home devices, games and device is not available in Go Variant.

One of the distinct features of Go is that it works perfectly consuming low space and providing great performance.

The End.

So this is all about new Google Assistant Go.  You can download this application by clicking on this link

Since this application is designed for Low-End-Smartphones, a majority of the users would not be able to download this application on their smartphones. Although you can check device compatibility by downloading this application on Google play itself.

The house is open for discussion if you had any doubts regarding this application you can comment us below. We are also waiting for your response to this new Go Variant by google. Till then its goodbye from our side.

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