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We all are a regular user of our android phone and spend almost the whole day using it whether calling someone, listening music or texting friends. Now I am going to tell you about fest best features of google in your android phone which is GOOGLE NOW ON TAP


google now

GOOGLE now is nothing but a GOOGLE version of SIRI. You can use it for many things like you can ask her any question, you can set reminders for tomorrow, it can manage your day schedule, you can ask it to play music for you, it can help you in texting and it can also help you in calling someone  and all these things just in a voice command.

GOOGLE NOW is built into Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above. It can only give you good results when you give all the information it needs but anyone with privacy concern has to think twice before using it


On your android phone, you’ll have a google search bar your home screen or you can select google from the app settings or you can simply click on your home screen button for a longer time and google now will appear.

when the google now has appeared you can simply click on the three lines on the above-left side to change its setting or to configure it.

In Account and privacy, you can set web history, nicknames,  and also you can change or set how the voice setting should work,  you can set hot word detection, you can also set and delete your preferences, decide whether you want a notification or not.

For your results, you simply have to click on your search bar which appears on your screen and have to give it your desired commands.


If you really want to have a spice of what google now can do you have to give it an extended period of time, it will require at least a week to get going with your daily routine activity.

The more you become used to it the more benefit’s it is going t give you, it has many benefits’s to be checked on as if you want to attend a wedding or  ceremony and you are not aware of the traffic it can give you all the updates of the traffic and also it will suggest you the best route you should pick to reach your destination on time.

As the card POP up you can click on them to get more information about them or you can simply get rid of them if you don’t like it by swipe away the screen towards right or left.


The voice command is one of the best features, it is like a personal virtual assistant which give us all the information when we need it.

you can ask it anything and it will give yo all the possible accurate results, it can also play music for you, turn on youtube for you and many more things it can do just start exploring it.

The voice input is generally very good but background noise can affect it but it is very faster than typing.


It is a very important and useful update of GOOGLE NOW which comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it enables you to use google now without leaving the current app you are using by clicking on the home button.

Google now is able to collect all the data you need from your command and it will deliver all it to you in some seconds.

  • it can turn on music for you
  • provide you all the work with just one command
  • can wake you up if you fall sleep
  • it can give you weather information of any place
  • give a proper information of traffic and also provide alternate route you should take to reach your destination on time
  • it gives you all the latest and trending stories in the form of the card
  • help you book the e-ticket


If you like the GOOGLE NOW  for your android then you’ll glad to know that you can use it in your chrome browser, just sign in with your google ID and it will appear right on the bottom or just click on the bell icon to review the cards


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