Hello everyone today I will be going to tell you about how to change default Gmail account while using multiple accounts. It is really obvious these days that people use more than one Gmail accounts for different purposes like banking use, professional work use, etc.

Opening multiple accounts through a sign-in feature of Gmail is helpful but maintaining so many accounts on one window can be a tedious task to perform to get information as there can be mixing up of information from one to another account.

So the default Gmail account is said to be the one which is the first account to be logged in and furthermore accounts are logged in through multiple sign-in features but they are not called a default one. Also, there are many Google products which are only accessible through default account and not available through other accounts from the window. Therefore to get all the products and to perform other important tasks from an account required we need to make it to the default one and then get a great access to stuff.

Follow the steps below to change the default Gmail account:

Suppose you need to access to a document folder that is not present in the default Gmail account but in the other logged in account. So below are the steps given on how to change default Gmail account as mentioned:

1. In order to have your default account open in the browser to change it, navigate to mail.gmail.com/mail to access your Gmail inbox.

how to change default gmail account


2. Click on your Profile picture on the top right corner after opening your inbox to get to know how many accounts are logged in at that time and check in the drop-down menu to see which is the current default account in progress.

how to change default gmail account


3. Now the most important step is to click on the SIGN OUT OPTION to from the drop-down menu so as to log out all the accounts be it be default one or the other linked accounts. The same is properly shown in the picture below so you can be sure of what process you are following.



4. Now you will be forwarded to the “Choose Account” window so that you can choose to set your default account from the lot that has been logged before and provide the password to the required account after as per the need.

account change


5. The account opened now is your default Gmail account and all the required services like calendar, documents, Google drive, etc will by default be open with the data of this logged in id.


6. Just to make sure that it is the default account you can log into another account and can check from the drop-down menu that there is ‘default’ written beside the account that has been first logged in.


So by these simple steps, you would be able to change default Gmail account using multiple accounts. We are able to do this process is just because of Gmail ‘Multiple Sign-in’ features. So this is all about for today if you are reading this article and looking for some Kodi related articles then click here. Till then its goodbye from our side.



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