Recently Instagram has been updated with a new feature which helps users to see active now and last seen of your friends. But we are going to learn today how to hide active now on Instagram because some people are hating it as hell. It wasn’t a feature on Instagram a while ago but with this updated version people are going mad over it. As it was the only social platform amongst others such as Facebook, messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

People are dreaded knowing it but you can hide it as per your convenience. Thank god it didn’t make a blunder showing the active now or last seen or last active feature beside your Instagram posts but on the direct messages page.

This problem is going to vanish from your life after reading my today’s post as I am proving you with all the detailed steps on how to hide active now on Instagram with the described pictures. So let’s move ahead!


Instagram is a social media platform which helps you connect with people, your friends, and others through pictures. You can put stories in it to how your daily activities in form of images, videos, and boomerang and sent it to your friends. But the feature of active now has now become a nightmare for many and below are the steps to hide it. Please follow to give yourself a sigh of relief.

Instructions to hide active now on Instagram

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. The image provided below will show you how it looks first after opening.

how to hide active now on instagram


  • To see the update click on the arrow button in the top right corner and you will be able to see lines like “active 50 min ago” below your chat heads. This is a devilish update done and can be seen in the picture below:

how to hide active now on instagram



  • Similarly, your activities will be shown to your followers.
  • Now select this human-like image on the below right corner as shown below.

how to hide active now on Instagram


  • This will lead you to a page where you can see all the pictures you have posted on Instagram.
  • So to hide the active now feature click on the three dots on the top right corner in your Android ( for iPhone users, you need to click on the settings option beside the edit your profile option).

how to hide active now on Instagram

  • It will lead you to a page looking like this picture.

how to hide active now on Instagram

  • Then you need to scroll down a little to an option saying “Show Activity Status”.

how to hide active now on Instagram

  • Swipe the button beside it and it will turn from blue to grey.

how to hide active now on Instagram

  • Now go again to your Direct message page to see if you have been successful in hiding the active now feature or not. You can see it has been removed in the image below:

how to hide active now on Instagram

  • Voila! You got victory;)

Summing up

This was all about how to hide active now on Instagram. Hope you understood the instructions correctly and done it successfully. Thanks for reading.

Any problem in the process and your experience is warmly welcomed in the comment section below.

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