Activating your Sim card in an iPhone is a necessary step which needs to be done before using your brand new or spare iPhone. What if you want to use your old iPhone without using your sim card. Sometimes you may wonder how iPhone can be asses without using any valid Sim card. If you ever wonder this then let me tell you there are some methods by which you can activate your iPhone without sim card.

So if you all out there facing the same problem which I also had with my iPhone of accessing iPhone without using your sim card then this guide might help you out to solve this problem.

how to use iphone without sim


Just read ahead about these 4 simple methods to use your iPhone without sim card.

METHOD 1: How To Activate iPhone Using Emergency Calls.

So this is the first method by which you can activate your iPhone. You just need to do a little trick on your inactivate iPhone. Doing this technique involves emergency call.

how to use iphone without sim

So below are the steps to use this tricky technique to unlock your iPhone,

  • The first thing is to make sure your iPhone is switched on.
  • Then click on home button.
  • After doing this tap on the Emergency option and call to 112 or 999 and as soon as it dials, press on/off button to disconnect your call.
  • Finally, a pop up will come in front of your screen to cancel the call.
  • select it and you will see that your phone will be active without sim card.


Follow the method at your own risk. Be rest assured that you do not end up calling an emergency number. This method is tricky and should be done carefully. The website is not answerable if you end calling cops and we are not responsible for any inconvenience.

Method 2: How To Activate iPhone Using iTunes.

The second method to activate your iPhone without using sim card can be done by using iTunes. Before applying this method you need some required things as mentioned below.

  1. An unlocked iPhone is required with you.
  2. A computer running iTunes is required with you.

iTunes is basically a software which is designed to handle iPhone and other iOS devices. It is the most trusted method to activate your phone as iTunes is the service provided by Apple itself.

This method is very simple and handy to use. Steps to conduct this method are listed below.

  • Firstly you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes. You can directly download iTunes latest version from Apple official website.
  • Secondly, you need to connect USB data cable to your iPhone to your computer.
how to use iphone without sim
IMAGE SOURCE: drfone.wondershare
  • After connecting you will eventually see iTunes activating itself and detecting your iPhone
  • After the third step, you need to select ” set up as new iPhone” and continue.
  • Just hit continue you will be directed to a new “Sync with iTunes”


  • Then you need to click on continue and just need to wait till the process gets over.

This is the second method and most trusted method to activate your iPhone without using a sim card.

METHOD 3: Jailbreaking Your iPhone.

The third method for activating iPhone without using sim is by jailbreaking.

In some simple terms, jailbreaking helps you to get rid of the restrictions imposed by Apple Inc which protects iPhone software from exploiting and also protects internal storage from tampering. This is the method which will surely give you the result. If you are not succeded in above 2 methods then jailbreaking your iPhone will surely do it for you.  Remember Jailbreaking is not an easy process, it takes ample amount of time and skills to do.

There are three options available for jailbreaking and that is

  1.  TETHERED JAILBREAK– Basically a tethered jailbreak requires attaching your iOS device to your computer so it could be run to jailbreak your system. This process is not fully convenient because when you power off your iPhone and then restart it if the jailbreak is wiped out then you need to restart the whole process.
  2. UNTETHERED JAILBREAK– In this particular process also you need to attach your iOS device to your computer to start the jailbreak process. It is much convenient to do because when you later power off or on your device the hack would still remain in effect.
  3. SEMI-TETHERED– This third option generally means that you need to re-run the jailbreak process everytime you restart your device. It’s a good compromise as the jailbreak could run directly from the device rather than requiring a PC or Mac.

Let me remind you that jailbreaking your iPhone will void your iPhone’s warranty. I would recommend you to use this method on your old iPhone. In case you jailbreak your new iPhone will destroy your device warranty.

Method 4: By Using R-Sim / X-Sim.

So this is the last method by which you can activate your iPhone without using the actual sim card.  Instead of choosing actual sim we can use R-Sim or X-Sim. Let us see the steps to do this method conveniently.

  • Insert your R-Sim or X-Sim in your iPhone through sim tray
  • After inserting you will see a list of network providers.
  • Then select your network provider. If your carrier is not listed, choose input IMSI.
  • Now you will be asked to enter a code.
  • After providing your code you need to select your iPhone model
  • Next step after choosing iPhone model, you need to select unlocking method that suits you.
  • Allow the process
  • After this reboot your iPhone to allow the process.

After ending the process you will see that your iPhone will be activated without using any sim card

Final Words!

We all know that before operating iPhone activating sim activation is a mandatory step, but Thanks to these methods by which you can actually operate your iPhone without using your sim card. Let me also tell you that all these methods are tried and tested by many iOS users around the globe. These are some safe and handy methods which you all can try.

So if you are dealing with this same problem, do not hesitate using these tricks but apply them safely. Do share with the ones how you think to deal with the same problem and also tell us your experiences with these methods. Till then its goodbye from our side.

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