Cinema is a very creative and mind-blowing kind of art presented to us. One of the most pleasurable and entertaining things is to watch a movie. That’s why I am going to tell you all about some of the Best Alternatives to Alluc.

Alluc started in 2006 and became a cater to around 1 billion users showing movies, tv series, cartoons, sports, etc. But the creator said this while discontinuing the website in 2018: ” After 13 years of Alluc, we have decided to take a break and focus on other projects. Over this last decade, Alluc has served more than one billion users in total and we would like to thank all of you for your support over the years”.

So this made some dedicated users a little vulnerable. And here we are to help you with that and get you some amazing options to try on. As websites may come and go but you gotta need to get yourself entertained to be refreshed.

Therefore we have the list below of the 9 Best Alternatives to Alluc with their website links and description about them as well.


1. Solarmovie

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: The Load Guru

SolarMovie is one of the best alternatives to Alluc and completely free to use. It is connected to all the social sites so that you can share your liked content easily. At the time you enter the website, there is a big list of latest movies shown on the home page.

Then they provide you with specific details like timing, genre, actors, directors, etc. about an individual movie. You can find the desired movie by typing into the search bar. There are options on the top bar including movie genres, tv genres, top IMDb movie and tv, country ( content from around 10 countries). So except movies, it contains the TV series as well.  It gives you suggestive watch ideas according to the ratings and most viewed content. There is no registration required at all, just visit the website, binge on your favourite content or explore something altogether.

Go to Solarmovie


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2. Movies123

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: MikiGuru

Movies123 is the next one on our list of 9 best alternatives to Alluc. The interface is really simple and straightforward to use. All the important information about the movies are specifically given to give you a slight idea. Some screenshots of the movie are also displayed.

All the latest released movies are present on the homepage. You also have an option to select movies as per your favorite actors. It has absolutely best of movies as their tagline. You can also sort movies in terms of released dates and ratings. The search bar is available to find something incredible as well.

Go to Movies123


3. Tubi TV

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: Tech Journey

Tubi TV is one of the most basic and simple sites to watch all the entertaining content. When you open the website it shows a big bar saying “Register to Watch”, which seems it is necessary to register to access the stuff. But that is really not true, you can easily watch all the media without registering as well.

Being a great alternative to Alluc, it provides All the genres including cult classics, preschool, stand-up comedy, etc. which are new and different from others.

It provides all the content in HD quality. The details about the individual content are also given. A section of similar movie suggestions is also there below the given movie to help you enjoy more.

Go to Tubi TV


4. FMovies

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: Fossbytes

FMovies is one of the most attractive movies watching websites and a huge alternative to Alluc. There is a Slideshare on the top of the page where all the latest updates are displayed. Then below you have all the movies and genre like Action, Comedy and horror are provided to select.

On the top of the home page, there are options like genres, country, featured movies, TV series, Top IMDb to choose from. You can even request a movie which is not available. A brief note about individual content is given to help you figure out. Search whatever you want and have your best time.

Go to FMovies



5. Primewire

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: Techlazy

So it is completely optional to register on Primewire where you get all the possible movies from newly released to the old ones. You can share the movie links with your people on facebook, google, twitter, etc. You also get the opportunity to comment on various content expressing your views.

Details like ratings, runtime, release date, actors, directors, and genre are provided to the users to make a decision about watching the movie or not. There are freshly added movies on the top of the homepage. It gives links to watch on other sites. There are TV shows besides movies to watch too. And a click to go to FMovies is also provided.

Go to Primewire


6. HugeMoviesDB

Solarmovie Alternative

Huge Movies DB has a very simple interface. There is a sliding list of random movies on the top. Then there is content divided by genres, release year and quality.  The website is linked to facebook and twitter so that you can share your favorite movie links with your loved ones.

When you put the cursor on an individual movie, a small summary, and other info pop up in a small window. Watch all the content online but you need to register before that. You see the ratings, actors, country, ratings of the movie. There are comments from several users available which helps you decide to watch something or not.

Go to HugeMoviesDB


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7. HouseMovie


One of the amazing places to go and watch great cinema is HouseMovie. On the home page, you get to see all the popular movies and serials available. Then you have options for movies and serials which you can sort according to the year of release and there are options to choose from various genres.

You also have an option to read articles about movies and other things as well. You can search for specific movies in the search bar to get the desired results. There is also a click named ‘random movie’ which shows you genuinely random content which can be used to try new stuff. They provide a brief information about the movie to give you an idea.

They provide links to other sites to watch the content and there are reviews of other users as well to help you further.

Go to HouseMovie


8. My Download Tube

Image result for my download tube

With a super catchy look and easy user interface, here comes My download Tube. All the latest stuff is there when you enter the website, options like movies, genres, etc. It is optional to register there. You get to play games on this website too which is an amazing additional feature.

You can filter movies in categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic, and animation, and sort them by ratings. It is connected to various social media sites which helps you share movie links with your friends.  You can see the latest updates about movies on the top about new additions.

Go to My Download Tube


9. Putlocker

best alternatives to alluc
SOURCE: flippa

Putlocker is the last one in our list of Best Sites like Alluc. So the newly released movies are there on the homepage. Then you have options on the top like genres, TV Series, Asian Drama, and anime, cartoons as well. You can search in the search bar to find something specific. There is one browse option also which lets you choose from cinema movies, new released and recently added content.

When you click on the thumbnail of the movie you go to the page where all the info like year of release, summary, actors, directors, country, etc. are present about the movie. Then you get to see various links leading you to play and watch the content leisurely.

Go to Putlocker


Final Saying!

So this was all about 9 Best Alternatives to Alluc. Movies are one of the best things to get yourself entertained. So we hope that you got all the important information about how and where you can watch movies with utmost pleasure.

Kindly tell us your experiences with the above websites and also share if we left anything important in the comment section below. Till then, it Adios!




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