Due to the technological advancements, the internet has become an integral part of our life, and everybody wants to get the best browsing experience without latency issues. However, there are times when we have to wait while downloading any movie or playing online games. It is an admitted fact that everyone desires for a faster internet connection. Nothing is more troublesome and tiring than a slow internet connection.

Here in this article, we have put together some suggestions to speed up your slow internet connection without spending much time and money to figure out the problem. Following ten tips are practical and easy to use and to counter the slow buffering problem.


Inspect Data Checkpoints

First of all, you need to inspect whether there are any data caps on your internet connection. Data checkpoints are speed killers that limit the internet rate and usage. A data cap means that you have the limited amount of internet plan for each month like 100 megabytes or 1 GB. Exceeding the defined limit will result in a slow internet that will be upsetting for you.

Various internet service providers (ISPs) use data caps that restrict the high-speed internet whenever you exceed your limit. Ask your provider or check your internet bills and see whether you have a limited internet connection. If so, then upgrade to higher data plans or unlimited internet service.


Troubleshoot your Modem

speed up slow internet connection

Once you face a slow internet, immediately reset your modem or router by turning it ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ again. Normally, you should reset your router once in a month to give it a break.

However, if you face slow speed issues on a regular basis, then reset your modem daily. Various providers offer programmable timers that you can use for resetting your router daily.


Adjust Wi-Fi Connectivity

Sometimes you have good internet speed and router is perfectly functional, but due to weak Wi-Fi signals, you face snail speed internet. In that case, you need to adjust or reposition your router at a specific place in your house that you get the full internet coverage without any lag.

For example, besides putting the router in a corner, position the router in the middle of your house so that everyone gets the faster online connectivity.


Use Software to Block bandwidth-Eating Apps and Plugins

To avail high-speed internet, you need to keep an eye on the apps and plugins that utilize a large sum of your bandwidth during web browsing.  To do so, always take the help of software; for example, use AdBlock Plus or FlashBlock software to block advertisements, animations, and videos.

Moreover, you should quit specific file synchronizing applications that may be active in the background thereby eating up your bandwidth such as, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc. Besides, do proper configuration of your PC to give notifications before scheduling any updates and vital installations. These steps will speed up your online connectivity experience and make the slow internet more usable.


Use Cable Internet Connection

speedup slow internet connection

Cable internet provides the faster and reliable internet service along with tons of bandwidth. Cable internet providers use coaxial cables that deliver the signals directly to your PC. Most of the cable internet connections have super-fast speed along with no data caps that means you can download unlimited movies, play high-graphics and multiplayer games, upload large files, and surf as much as you desire.

There is a wide range of internet packages that you can avail depending upon your desired plan and budget. On top of all, you can easily bundle your internet connection with a cable TV as well as phone service. Cable internet is highly secure than the wireless internet as there is pre-installed software that ensures safe browsing and protects your PC from online threats at all times.


Use a High-Quality Browser

When you are trying to enhance your internet speed, your internet browser plays an important role in that factor. If you are using windows default browser Internet Explorer then it is obvious that you will experience lack of speed because it is the slowest browser. People usually like to open multiple tabs on a single browser. Internet Explorer, as well as Google Chrome, slows down if you open more than ten tabs altogether. We recommend you to have Opera because it removes it cache automatically after a period and it won’t get slow down no matter how many tabs you open. Opera operates all the webpages content on runtime and do it more efficiently than any other browser.

Furthermore, if you are a Mac user then check our guide of some of Best Browsers for Mac.


Malware scanner and clear cache plugin

If you don’t have anti-virus and a malware scanner in your system, then probably your computer is on the verge of high-risk of getting hacked or infected. We recommend you to install an anti-virus program as well as the malware scanning software.

Malware is typically hard to find, and it’s their assigned task to reduce the system’s efficiency. Eventually, you will experience a lack of speed due to the malware interference. One more thing, you may have heard about cache memory but perhaps don’t have the idea about it. It is the memory which stores all the runtime tasks while you are using the internet. Every browser stores a lot of cache because of the large usage of the internet.

You must have to install a clear cache plugin in your browser to remove the additional cache memory so it could free up space. By clearing the cache memory, you will experience the rise in speed.

Also check our guide to protect your system from the latest malware attacks.


Call your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

The speed of your internet connection ultimately depends upon your Internet Service Provider (ISP). So, if there is a problem from their side then none of the above ways will work. Sometimes your ISP may change some network configurations or sometimes due to bad weather conditions your ISP may face some technical issues. So, it’s better to call your ISP and ask them whether the problem is from their end or not.

And if the problem is not from their end, then you can even request them to send an engineer to your house to solve the problem.


Change Internet Provider

If you follow all the steps which are mentioned above and still won’t experience any change in the internet speed, then the last errand is to change your internet service. Because no matter what you do, if your internet service is not providing fair enough speed from the server end, then it is hopeless even to try all these things. Try to look for an internet service which offers high-speed internet at a reasonable price in your area.

Research online, talk to your neighbours about the service they had, consult your friends and hopefully, you will find one which is best suited for you.


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