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In today’s world, life is not easy. Many people have to travel a lot to their working places, they have to work more for a better position and everyone is busy in the rat race of life. Gone are the days when people used to go out and play outdoor games. Now a days , people prefer smartphones games more than the outdoor games. Offline RPG games for android have quite been a supplement to the people commuting by metro’s to their work place. The best part of these games is that they do not require an active internet connection.

In our earlier post, we discussed about some offline android games one should definitely play . So , here in this post we will be discussing about some best offline RPG games for android users.

What are RPG’s

RPG’s are role playing games , a type of games in which a player controls the actions of a character. The character can be from the real world or from a fictional one. RPG’s are quite popular among the gamers. The game is finished by completing all the responsibilities of the character. The role of the character can be played through decision making , narration or acting.

RPG games can be played either ways , both offline and online.

Online RPG’s requires a good internet connection to prevent lag , otherwise you will end up loosing. There are places where it is not possible to have an active internet connection ( Example : metro ). However , offline RPG games always has an undue advantage over the online RPG’s.

There are thousands of RPG games available on the play store . So here in this post we will discussing about the best offline RPG games for android . You can download the offline RPG games for android directly from the play store.

Best Offline RPG Games for Android

1. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Many of you might not know about the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 . This game is my personal favourite . The game is the sequel of the Angry Birds Star Wars .

This time Rovio has perfected it’s winning formula by making a fantastic looking and endlessly replayable Android game. Everything about the Star Wars 2 is amazing like the graphics and design , character abilities , menus , art style and much more.

So , if you want a easy , free and pick-up-and-play Android game that looks gorgeous, you should definitely give it a chance.

offline rpg games for android

Download Angry Birds 2

2. Baldur’s Gate II  Enhanced Edition

Baldur’s Gate II is an RPG game that is ported from the original PC versions . This game is not for a casual gamer as it requires a lot of brain activity. In this game you can escape clutches of the evil wizard Irenicus , create a band of heroes , roam around the vast area in search of adventure and revenge.

Baldur’s Gate II is one of the greatest RPG game ever and if you are a RPG lover then you should definitely play it once.

offline rpg games for android

Download Baldur’s Gate 2

3. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is a great one-0n-one fighting game which is available for free at Play Store.

The game plays at a slower pace which is actually the best part of it. This creates almost a Dark Souls type combat feeel which is consider as one of the key strengths of Shadow Fight 2 .

It’s gameplay starts with 2 buttons which are used for combat : the punch button and the kick button. Eventually , the magic button and the raged weapon button will become available for use.

Overall Shadow Fight 2 is a very good RPG and one should consider paying it.

offline rpg games for android

Download Shadow Fight 2

4. Soul Craft 2 : League of Angles

Soul Craft 2 is sequel of the very famous Soul Craft which made over 5 million active downloads. This sequel follows the original theme of angles battling demons.

You have to select your player from seven different hero’s to start your single player campaign , which can be played offline as well. Soul Craft 2 also offers multiplayer mode which MobileBits describes as similar to Clash of Clans.

The game is available for free and also supports in-app purchases to buy game items and other content.

offline rpg games for android

Download Soul Craft 2 : League of Angles 

5. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure was released a few months ago. Inspite of such a short release , this game has made it into our top RPG’s list. Alto’s Adventure is an auto-runner game in which you have to guide the snowboard Alto down to the deceptive mountain.

In this game you have to perform some specific goals before crashing on your way down the slope. Like many auto-runner games , this game makes use of a single action button with a tap on the screen to jump.

Image result for alto's adventure

Download Alto’s Adventure

Final Conclusion

Playing RPG’s is a great fun and they can be more addictive when they are available in your Play Store for free. All these offline games listed above are free and are compatible with most of the Android devices. So if you are a game lover then you should definitely try them once.

So Guys, this was all about the top offline rpg games for android users. If you liked this post then do share it with your friends and don’t forget to like and follow us on FaceBook .



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