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A hearty welcome to all the readers. Today I am going to tell you everything possible about kodi with all its aspects covered as in what is kodi and it’s products like kodi add-ons, kodi skin, kodi builds and some more because many of us want to do free online streaming and explore everything. So the big question is what is kodi? Read below to find it out!


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Kodi is a free and open-source media player software launched in 2002 developed by XBMC foundation which is a non-profit technology organization and it is also called by the same name too. Kodi is basically a media streaming app to watch movies, shows, podcasts and all the media entertainment stuff as a whole. It works across about every major operating system and across hundreds of devices. The users can access streaming media content via various online services like Amazon prime instant video, Rhapsody, Spotify, Youtube, Pandora internet radio and crackle through plug ins. This software can be used in a wide range of devices such as set top box, hotel management systems, network connected media players, digital signage and embedded systems based on armhf platform like Raspberry Pi.

Now let’s discuss other things related to kodi:


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Kodi ADDON is an application which enhances the functionality of the main software by turning it into an online streaming giant. There are thousands of addons available online which comes in a .zip format and can be installed through the section tab in kodi. It gives you access to various free movies, free tv shows, live sports, etc. There are also some third party addons available to enhance your kodi experience.


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Kodi skins makes your kodi setup super cool in looks and you can customize various things like menus, icons, images, etc. You can choose any skin from the thousands of them available on internet. It modifies your setup to make it more user friendly. Users can develop their own skin and share it with people via websites that are available for kodi trading and development.

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what is kodi
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A kodi box is a set-top box or HDMI stick with the software installed on it. It is mainly popular for watching tv shows as it lets you stream and watch shows on any platform such as a smartphone, computer, set top box and tablets. Now some of the boxes are being modified to access paid content channels using third-party plug-ins. It’s illegal to use a box to watch subscription channels for free.

Know More about Kodi Boxes

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what is kodi
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A kodi repository is a pack containing multiple kodi addons separated into different categories. You can install a kodi repository having multiple kodi addons rather than an individual kodi ADDON. Kodi repositories are also available in a .zip format and can be installed similarly like kodi addons by settings bar. The easiest and quickest way to install it is by using special giant Repositories that include many of them.



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Kodi Build is a pre-configured file that is created by an individual or some community. Installing a kodi build is like having everything at one time like kodi add-ons, kodi skin, other settings, and much more. You don’t need to install the best ADDON and skin available separately. You can get all of this through just one install and start using as soon as possible. It is also available in a .zip file which can be installed under settings panel.

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A VPN (virtual private network) is a network used by many kodi users to connect to it and it provides an IP address to cover its internet activity through encryption methods. A kodi VPN allows you to have the Privacy you need by masking your activities and lets you use various amazing kodi products like add-ons, build, etc. It is highly recommended to use a VPN while using kodi.



So here we come to the end of our post about what is Kodi? These were some of the terminologies often used in this topic. I hope that the things are clear now. Thanks for reading and please share your thoughts and knowledge in the comment section below.

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